Cate Blanchett Speaks Out on Doppelganger Harry Styles

  • Published on:  10/16/2017
  • Oscar winner Cate Blanchett finally spoke out on the rumors pop star Harry Styles is stealing her look.


  • Anagha M. 1 years ago

    Cate is like fine wine. Gets better and better with age.

  • Akbari Satsuki 9 months ago

    before I think that the best part of her is her acting or Oscars but now I think I love her awkwardness the most 😂

  • Sangeeta Dasappa 9 months ago

    She is a fantastic actor!!!!

  • DearMakeUpDiary 1 years ago

    Everything about Cate is appealing! What a wonderful lady !

  • debbie nichols 17 days ago

    DearMakeUpDiary absolutely especially in Carol

  • Louis erklärt 1 years ago

    “You can tell it by their accent”looool

  • Maliha Intikhab 1 years ago

    Cate is so beautiful and classy!

  • TheMovieMyLife 1 years ago

    I didn't know that the colours red and nude looked so good together. :)

  • Jam Ida 1 months ago

    Yes because theyre in the same color spectrum.

  • Patricia de Pastors 1 years ago

    Kitta12320 Agreed. She could wear jeans to the Oscars and still be the best dressed❤️

  • LEEONA 1 years ago

    Cate is hot in anything

  • Zenda Russo 9 months ago

    LEEONA honestly

  • Maliha Intikhab 1 years ago

    I love her so much! Such a class act!

  • Zoe Chan 1 years ago

    cate is like a witch queen who has lived for millennium, that everything of her is so majestic, bewitching, witty and stunning

  • RK Suchitra 3 months ago

    I can only agree with you on this one

  • Illyria86 1 years ago

    Zoe Chan she is elf queen. Lol

  • sithlordsoup 1 years ago

    NEAT. its like she's going between, American, Australian and an English accent.

  • Francesca Sutisna 4 months ago

    Sithlordsoup Cate has a Cultivated Australian accent. Most Australian speak with a cross between broad accent and general accent. Steve Irwin and Nicole Kidman ones used to speak.

  • Sephsat 11 months ago

    sithlordsoup part of why she’s so good at accents I think, she takes on some of how people around her talk without trying. It’s very cool. Gillian Anderson does it too. She does a perfect northern Irish accent in one film

  • demacto13 1 years ago

    Every time Cate is on Ellen is an instant click for me!

  • Hannah Gilbert 1 years ago

    same for me too!

  • Danielle Eckert 1 years ago

    demacto13 0