Our Boyfriends Pick Our Outfits! *which bae wins?!* (Couples Challenge Part 2)

  • Published on:  5/22/2020
  • The BAEs are back to style their Clevver ladies! Which boyfriend/husband will win? Catch up on PART 1 NOW! ►► https://www.201tube.com/video/txl2rSYVzps/video.html
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    What They Bought Us! ►►
    Sinead and Nils
    Outfit 1
    Adidas Hoodie https://amzn.to/3gg9ELa
    Fashion nova White Biker Shorts https://bit.ly/36lYCzw
    Fila Sneakers https://fave.co/3gehvJq
    SHEIN Good Vibes Pillow https://fave.co/2ZokpoS
    Black Blanket https://amzn.to/2ZvRoYi
    SHEIN Striped Socks https://fave.co/2TtzRwf

    Outfit 2
    SHEIN Black lace bodysuit https://fave.co/2ZsGNxj
    SHEIN Camera bag https://fave.co/2ZuJWwr
    SHEIN Red Square Hoops https://fave.co/2A2YjNQ

    Outfit 3
    Fashion Nova White Biker Shorts https://bit.ly/36lYCzw
    ROMWE Hiking Boots https://fave.co/3bSPi7y
    Tool Belt https://amzn.to/2Txoy5Y
    Gardening Shears https://amzn.to/2ANRKz7

    Loryn and Shawn
    Outfit 1
    Adidas sneakers https://fave.co/2zpTgHk
    Grey leggings https://amzn.to/3bV0eRV
    Dog leash https://fave.co/2TuJ0Vc

    Outfit 2
    Pearl Bow (similar) https://amzn.to/2zmh92G
    Pretty Little Thing Hot pink bodysuit https://fave.co/2WVzywj

    Outfit 3
    Knockaround Sunglasses https://fave.co/3cWO0tx
    Ipanema Black Sandals https://amzn.to/2ZvSHXc
    Flower crown https://amzn.to/3ebNxny

    Jackie and Nick
    Outfit 1
    Fashion Nova lounge set https://bit.ly/36oM9eu

    Outfit 2
    Fashion Nova denim jumpsuit https://bit.ly/36pdUUf
    Fashion Nova Lime mini bag https://bit.ly/3bOPCnK

    Outfit 3
    Fashion Nova Black 2 piece https://bit.ly/3cQM6KR
    Fashion Nova Hoop earrings https://bit.ly/2ytJ7Jq
    Fashion Nova Pink mini bag https://bit.ly/2LSaGz2

    Madeleine and Jake
    Outfit 1
    Boohoo Bralette https://fave.co/3bV1ioT
    Boohoo Joggers (similar) https://fave.co/2Zv6L3g

    Outfit 2
    Pretty Little Thing Denim Skirt https://fave.co/2LQOaGT
    Pretty Little Thing thong https://fave.co/2XkFJsK

    Outfit 3
    Nike Sports Bra https://fave.co/3bPWdOI
    Nike Skate Shoes https://fave.co/2LSO7u0

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    The Clevver #boyfriends and #husbands compete to see who can #style their #girlfriends best!

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