Top 5 Most Insane Cases

  • Published on:  3/4/2018
  • Some of these cases are cool. Some of them are REALLY cool.. and some of them might be a little dumb.

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  • The MeltingSnowGolem
    The MeltingSnowGolem 2 days ago+1

    "No Jimmy, you can't play with your toy planes over daddy's computer."

  • Portable Refrigerator

    I want to die because I cant live with out the aircraft case

  • ZamaCatsmack
    ZamaCatsmack 4 days ago

    Linus, did you have to send the aircraft carrier case back? Hope not! My Gawd!

  • Bowsette
    Bowsette 4 days ago

    Heli-Carrier and no Keaton Batwing? Missed opportunity.

  • h91
    h91 4 days ago

    Do you mind? I've got a plain black box with no RGB. I also have a optical disc drive since I apparently still live in 2005.

  • Kiancoug Gaming
    Kiancoug Gaming 9 days ago

    E X T R A T H I C C

  • Old Random Computing

    Nice. Now show us a case that is linus proof.

  • Yair Gonzalez
    Yair Gonzalez 11 days ago

    i have the thermaltake 900, shits massive, and its heavy as hell too, though i love how plenty of space to work with things inside

  • ty1
    ty1 11 days ago

    "The Beautifullest!"

  • Hontom
    Hontom 12 days ago

    3:22 should be my background. That face tho

  • meta system
    meta system 12 days ago

    The third PC's "opened" mode should be called triptych mode instead of panorama.

  • Jonathan quadsANDtrucks

    That first case looks like the treyarch logo

  • BxTekNurd
    BxTekNurd 13 days ago

    Sooo... Why dont people use 5.1/4 Bays anymore?????

  • juliosnap
    juliosnap 13 days ago

    It looks like the thing you use to measure your shoe size.

  • KingKafei
    KingKafei 13 days ago

    The tower 900 is so sexy

  • Seth Gecko
    Seth Gecko 13 days ago

    Two girly men now called computer nerds.

  • Skinnypete07
    Skinnypete07 13 days ago

    Ok wtf. Why is linus constantly reaching down to his waist.... this is ridiculously distracting in every single video...

  • Set sail for epic fail

    I'm wondering how many RGB fans fit in the biggest case? That would be a massive performance upgrade

  • Praveen neevarP
    Praveen neevarP 13 days ago

    All most a year but still no one is talking about the fact that he used a bunch of banana to show the size of that huge desktop case?

    CRAZYGAMER14 13 days ago

    So you payed 20000 for that thing?