Grand Cherokee Trailhawk - Any Good Off-road? - Roothy

  • Published on:  8/22/2018
    OK, most people know I love my Jeeps and while that was all kicked off with the old WW2 models plenty of experience of the newer JK's and the like has kept that excitement right up there.

    However this is something totally different. The new Grand Cherokee is one of the fastest and most comfortable ON ROAD vehicles I've ever driven with the V6 diesel pumping more ponies that the old GTHO Falcons that lapped Bathurst in my day. It's an incredible vehicle capable of towing big caravans yet here, in the new Trailhawk from, Jeep has also built an incredible off-road weapon. How good? Well, have a look and see but the fact is that we did some tracks here that usually take double locked diffs and air out of the tyres to complete. Can technology be that good? It sure looks like it. I want to thank my friends at Westside Jeep who supplied the new Trailhawk with instructions to 'find out what it'll do', and maybe apologise for taking it so far! Love them or hate them the fact is that the Grand Cherokee with the track ready Trailhawk package is the most competent on road/off road vehicle on the market. And a final word for those of us (that's me too) who aren't too hot on technology - there's nothing on the market without it these days, you might as well get the best and get the lot. Don't forget to subscribe to the channel while I'm still allowed to borrow other people's cars and have a look at some of the great stuff we've got at the shop at


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