SCA Steak Contest | Part 1: Preparation Week | How to Prep for an SCA Steak Cookoff

  • Published on:  8/5/2018
  • Five Different Ribeye and Rub Tests ||| Grill Grates vs Cold Grate

    How does a first-time SCA competitor prep for one of the nation's largest SCA steak cookoffs? Here's what I did! Learn from the good choices.....and the mistakes :)

    Croix Valley Foods put on the first ever SCA Steak event in St. Paul on August 4, 2018, and it was epic. This SCA event offered an $11,000 prize pool for steak ($5,000 for first), and the largest appetizer payout ever with $1,000 to first place alone. Even though it was an incredibly stormy morning with winds and rain, 65 of the 70 registrants showed up and duked it out, including......ME! :)

    In this video, I take you through my steak and appetizer practice and packing prep in the week leading up to the event. In the next video I'll show you the contest itself. Enjoy!

    Links that helped me:

    Malcom Reed SCA Steak Recipe:

    Adrenaline BBQ and Baby Back Maniac Perfect Steak Cook Using Cold Grate Technique:

    Croix Valley Foods BBQ Sauces and Rubs:

    Croix Valley Foods 2018 Steak Cookoff:

    (I renamed these. They used to be called "Louise's Ham and Cheese Snacks" but that ain't gonna win no appetizer contest! They are originally from Miss Louise Sims of Alabama, via my mom's self-published cookbook):

    2 PKGS Dinner Rolls (24 total)
    1 LB Shaved Ham
    8 oz Sliced Swiss Cheese

    SAUCE (I recommend doubling this)
    1 Stick Margarine
    2 TB Mustard
    1/4 C Sugar
    1 TB Poppy Seeds
    1 TBS Minced Onion
    Dash of S&P

    Heat and mix sauce together in pan. Slice rolls in half. Baste bottom of pan with a some of the sauce. Place ham and cheese on roll. Put tops of rolls on.Cover pigs with rest of sauce then foil. Bake 30 min 325 degrees or 20 min 350 degrees.