Top 10 Things to do in Mont Tremblant

  • Published on:  10/25/2016
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    Here's a countdown with links for my top 10 things to do in Mont Tremblant!

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    // LINKS & INFO //

    Mont Tremblant is the number #1 Ski resort in the Northeast and there are many reasons why! Located at the base of a mountain range in the French-speaking province of Quebec, this pedestrians-only resort village is a ski lovers paradise and a year round destination for the local quebecquois.

    Here are my Top 10 Things to do in Mont Tremblant.

    NUMBER 1: Dog sledding. At Expedition Wolf, you will experience the most exhilarating ride led by a beautiful breed of huskies. You help select your team of dogs, get trained on how to guide them and ride through the snowy hills with beautiful Mont Tremblant as a backdrop. The best part is rewarding the dogs for taking you on an adventure of a lifetime. Book this in advance!

    NUMBER 2: Go Skiing / Snowboarding. There are 96 ski trails on 4 distinct slopes to choose from.

    NUMBER 3: Aprés Ski – After a long day of being outside in freezing cold temperatures you wind down with some friends, beer and laughs. La Diable micro brassiere is the perfect place.

    NUMBER 4: Fat biking –This relatively new type of biking is beyond awesome. You go off road along snow covered trails on a bike with fat tires surrounded by the most beautiful winter scenery imaginable.

    NUMBER 5: Visit Scandinave Spa –
    You start out in a really hot sauna, or hot tub then you dip into cold, really cold water or the river, then you rest taking in the view of the Diable River and the snow covered pine trees all around. This thousand year old Scandinavian hydrotherapy treatment is rejuvenating, invigorating and the perfect way to relieve stress, soothe muscles and relax. This is an absolute must!

    NUMBER 6: Ride the Gondola – Whether you’re planning to ski down the slopes from the summit of Mont Tremblant or you want to see how incredibly beautiful the highest peak of the Laurentian mountains truly is, you take a panoramic gondola ride. There are spectacular views at every angle of every moment.

    NUMBER 7: Helicopter Ride – If you want to experience true aerial views of Mont Tremblant, the best way to do it is to take a helicopter ride for insane views of the Diable River, Mont Tremblant Village, Laurentian Mountains and Lake Tremblant.

    NUMBER 8: Stay at the Fairmont Hotel
    This place has amazing service, is perfectly comfortable and is in best location as it is the only ‘’ski-in/ski-out’’ hotel in the area.

    NUMBER 9: Take a stroll – The pedestrian town of Mont Tremblant is super cute and colorful. It is reminiscent of a Disney style winter village, you can easily feel like a kid while you ponder on what cool fun thing to do next.

    NUMBER 10: Go Sliding – It’s right outside of the Fairmont Tremblant and is great for kids and adults.