Top 24 Dragon Ball Video Games | 11 | DBCember 2017 | Team Four Star



  • Lanipator 1 years ago

    For those that don't understand why these are going up one day at a time. Please go back and watch the announcement video. DBCember has always been our little advent calendar leading up to XMas. On which we will be releasing a DBZA special. Thank you <3

  • Giran 0 1 years ago

    Guys you need more Giran, you didn't even mention him in this and its the only game with him as a playable character, plus this game has a namikin duck you know krillin's favorite animal, 2min did not do this game justice

  • Escaro 1 years ago

    ZippedBasilix442 sadly, it's not. Go watch DBZA Christmas Special, Anime FMK, and MORE!! and you'll see what I'm talking about

  • James Eggeman 1 years ago

    This game deserves all the praise

  • Softlock 1 years ago

    I didn't watch Dragon Ball...I Read it.

  • I pretty much started watching it I at the start of 2019 and I'm still watching it and it's great

  • Edwin Contreras 3 months ago

    same. the manga was very popular around here when i was a kid.

  • JaxBlade 1 years ago

    YOOOOO THIS WAS ONE OF MY TOP 3 Handheld DB games as a kid! i loved this so much

  • ta0paipai 1 years ago

    My favorite DS when I was a... college "kid". ;)


  • Dr.Aysee 1 years ago

    Kaiser's right.Not watching Dragon Ball=Being a trash person. Don't be a trash person. Watch Dragon Ball.

  • Cameron Layton 5 months ago

    OG Dragon Ball for life if you have watched the OG Dragon Ball then you have the right to call yourself a Dragon Ball fan.

  • Shadow426 5 months ago

    @Rook Jameson even better do both

  • My Lovely Man 1 years ago

    We'll see who's trash!!Time for a Dragon Ball marathon!!

  • DB has much better writing and Z has a lot more action. Z is more exciting, but a truly great story needs great writing, and DB has that in spades over Z.

  • Beaky 1 years ago

    Well worth it - I didn't watch the original Dragon Ball until I was in my teens, but I am so glad I went back for it. The diverse characters and wacky fighting styles it offers, in my opinion, far surpass DBZ. There was also an odd amount of dirty humour, which makes me a little glad I waited, since I imagine I wouldn't have appreciated a lot of it when I was younger.

  • gega tronos 1 years ago

    I cry knowing that this never got a sequel.

  • Izuki 101 7 months ago

    Would Dragon Ball: revenge of King Piccolo count

  • pedreiva 1 years ago

    JohnnyTheWolf Agreed. Even after having the game for a decade, I still have no clue how anything works in Taiketsu. I just know I'm doing something right.

  • vazak11 1 years ago

    Oh hey its not just me who prefers the original DB anime to Z despite finding it later.

  • Izuki 101 7 months ago

    Nope, same here

  • I said "but" because my whole point was that DB is focused on writing, not action, and you said "I think the fights in DB are better," as if you missed my point. The progression was as such:Me: "DB is focused on writing, DBZ is focused on action."You: "Well I think DB's fights are better."Me: "But their fights are more about the characters and writing, not the action," [thus proving my point]. It's the same as if I would have said "Yes, but."...

  • The Gaming Paladin 1 years ago

    DBAA is definitely an underrated gem, the biggest problem with this game is it flew under the radar of many ppl who werent hardcore Dragonball fans.that being said i'm glad to see that it got recognition today, my only negative is that it can feel short, even for a GBA title, but that's mostly if you only play once through as Goku.

  • Matt Laub 1 years ago

    “There’s no delineation in the manga. Fight me.”Thank you! Seriously, it’s all the same story!

  • Musomania27 1 years ago

    Matt Laub its why I get lowkey triggered whenever some calls the ENTIRE franchise Dragonball Z instead of just Dragonball lol