Hair Transformation GONE WRONG..

  • Published on:  4/11/2019
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  • Buntina
    Buntina 4 months ago+4787

    Who thinks the haircolour actually looks good? Just me?

  • Carissa Gee
    Carissa Gee 4 months ago+952

    I don't understand how Matt is so clever and quick lol he knows exactly what to say at any moment it seems.
    His swedish dj comment was the best

  • Andrea Aguilar
    Andrea Aguilar 4 months ago+1262

    I love how Matt king is arguing about being a raven claw as he is wearing a slytherian shirt😂

  • sydney
    sydney 4 months ago+779

    "when I was ordering a pizza for me and all my selves"
    -Zane Hijazi 2k19

  • Ravenclawed
    Ravenclawed 4 months ago+383

    I love how Matt thinks he’s a ravenclaw when he is 150% a hufflepuff

  • Guntas Bal
    Guntas Bal 4 months ago+526

    When Matt’s hair was getting washed he looked like Malfoy

  • Lauren O'Donnell
    Lauren O'Donnell 4 months ago+435

    Hufflepuff is NOT an insult. They are loyal and hard working and the MOST UNDERRATED!!!!

  • suki
    suki 4 months ago+288

    Lmao the vlog squad is critical af 😂😂😂
    Personally I think Zane looks awesome

  • Jill Reffeitt
    Jill Reffeitt 3 months ago+97

    Zane has extreme Hufflepuff energy and that’s 100% why I love him

  • Irene Beatriz
    Irene Beatriz 4 months ago+183

    Also Matt: is wearing a slytherin shirt..

  • Star Reid
    Star Reid 4 months ago+76

    Carly and Erin though
    Zane' what are you doing?
    C&E: following you!!!!

  • Hanna Högberg
    Hanna Högberg 4 months ago+95

    "I feel like we are swedish DJ:s" HAHAH that is so accurate😂/a swede

  • Annie Ryan
    Annie Ryan 3 months ago+31

    Mariah: it looks like hay
    Zane: yeah like Heyyy sterotypical gay male hand flip
    Mariah: no.. like nay!

  • Scranton Strangler
    Scranton Strangler 4 months ago+1484

    Why did I get an ad of Jeff, Dom & Big Nick in a podcast called “my to braincells”

  • Cammy Emmons
    Cammy Emmons 4 months ago+43

    Zane getting his hair done is so cute. Adorable Freak-out. You look amazing.

  • britney bitch
    britney bitch 4 months ago+53

    Aha heath and Maria’s reaction was so funny ahah

  • Georgia Walkinshaw
    Georgia Walkinshaw 3 months ago+31

    Tbh as soon as their hair was getting washed out they both looked like Draco Malfoy from the first film. IM IN LOVE

  • Roman Tuivaiti
    Roman Tuivaiti 4 months ago+55

    Matt its fine im a ravenclaw i got your back

  • Drew Riesenberger
    Drew Riesenberger 4 months ago+967

    I saw David's reaction and the first thing I noticed was the fact that the Jason Mamoa painting is gone from his wall.

  • ohitsrolo
    ohitsrolo 4 months ago+29

    8:45 his side profile looks like Donald trump jr💀😂😂😂😭😭😭😭IM DYING