Saints' loss to Rams is 'on the league office' - Stephen A. | First Take

  • Published on:  1/21/2019
  • Stephen A. Smith, Max Kellerman, and Damien Woody say the missed pass interference call that gave the Los Angeles Rams the NFC Championship over the New Orleans Saints is a product of bad replay rules by the NFL. Max Kellerman says it is "the most eggregious missed call in the history of football."

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  • SportsHunter 52
    SportsHunter 52 12 minutes ago

    it wasn't a "mistake", it was on purpose. You can't not miss that. It's impossible.

  • rajnbull ◑͜͡◐
    rajnbull ◑͜͡◐ 12 minutes ago

    I guess the woman was there only for an eyepiece..fuck espee on.

  • William Dennison
    William Dennison 15 minutes ago

    BTW these are some Captain Obvious dip shit commentators. Just a waste of time to watch them.

  • Tpjuvi Philly
    Tpjuvi Philly 15 minutes ago

    Can y’all address the terrible calls for the chiefs game the pats got a free touch down with that roughing the passer

  • Ridge runner 1
    Ridge runner 1 17 minutes ago

    i will be boycotting the superbowl this year. Sick of watching the Patriots in it anyway.

  • Trevor Morgan
    Trevor Morgan 18 minutes ago

    Surprised Stephen didn’t blame it on white people

  • Maseh Abdul Oh Yeah Yeah
    Maseh Abdul Oh Yeah Yeah 20 minutes ago

    Oh yeah yeah

  • Living Creature
    Living Creature 20 minutes ago

    Seahawks should have ran the ball

  • itscork
    itscork 21 minutes ago

    “Saints fans don’t have the right to be mad”. Really?
    Kellerman.... stick to boxing.

  • William Dennison
    William Dennison 21 minutes ago

    It is simply just fixed. The NFL wants thise two quarterbacks on the field and got it the way they schemed it. They played the numbers with the referees, paid them off did the dirty work to get the game they wanted. as a fan if you are watching this you are a fool. Might as well watch WWE it is less manipulated. To think with as much money as the NFL has and the privilege this pathetic League gets do you really believe that they're going to leave things up the chance. If you say yes. You are simply stupid.

  • Jim Rivas
    Jim Rivas 23 minutes ago

    Should not have even happened, and would not have happened had the refs made the easiest call to make at that moment. After watching both games the refs clearly played for an LA vs Chiefs SB. And the TV coverage on the NFL channel leading up to Championship Sunday tells all. Hardly any coverage for Saints and Pats. It was all Chiefs/Mahomes and Rams/Goff/Guerly. I'll admit, for years I've heard/read many people suggest that the NFL game is rigged and summarily dismissed the idea. Yesterday changed my mind about this. There were NUMEROUS no-calls for PI against the Rams. And it looked like they (the Rams) knew they were going to be given great latitude to interfere with Saints receivers. There were 3 instances during the game broadcast where the announcers went to Mike Perrara who confirmed that PI call against the Rams was MISSED/not-called against the Rams in crucial situations; 3 times on 3rd downs. I really feel for these professional athletes and coaches who by this time in the season have been working with essentially only 1 week off since July to get to that moment and to have their Super Bowl appearance stolen from them. The Saints had driven down the field to put the team in position to win the game at the end. The Rams didn't stop them; the NFL and Refs did. This super bowl will forever need an asterisk next to it for its complete illegitimacy. When the Saints blew it last year in Minneapolis after Brees brilliantly led them to a late lead, only to blow it on a deep "Miracle" pass, it was a tough loss; but a true loss. The Saints let that game get away from them. This one was taken from them; it was taken from all of us, and legitimacy taken from the Rams team and fans. The Truth Underground,

  • 张坤
    张坤 26 minutes ago This is the edited part of a Chinese movie I released. It's super fun. I hope you like it.

  • Sergeant Bumblefuck
    Sergeant Bumblefuck 26 minutes ago+1

    I like sportz

  • RetiredRetard 2.0
    RetiredRetard 2.0 28 minutes ago+1

    We need help, this video have not been taken over! Send reinforcements NOW!

  • uday shetkar
    uday shetkar 30 minutes ago+2

    Subscribe to PewDiePie Oh yeah oh yeah

  • Ali A. Ali
    Ali A. Ali 32 minutes ago+1

    Oh yeah yeah

  • Oh yeah Watermelon
    Oh yeah Watermelon 33 minutes ago+1

    Those refs moms voted for Obama

  • Demetric Byrd
    Demetric Byrd 36 minutes ago

    What about that 13 point lead they blew 🤔🤧🤣💯

  • Lashon Williams
    Lashon Williams 36 minutes ago

    Im a LA fan and im glad we're going to the super bowl, but I must admit The Saints got robbed.

  • imnotmelvin3
    imnotmelvin3 38 minutes ago

    Garsetti wrote a check to pay off the NFL so he can trophy the rams in the primaries for 2020. Just saying.