Here's Everything that's Broken on My Bargain Ferrari Testarossa

  • Published on:  9/14/2018
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  • Hoovies Garage 9 months ago

    So here's the deal with the "get the Wizard a microphone" comments. After a few years of trial and error on sound recording, I no longer trust wireless microphones. Since I don't have someone behind the camera, or a sound guy listening for issues, there's too much risk of a video getting ruined by audio issues-- which has happened so many times in the past. Currently I put a sound recorder in my pocket that's wired directly to the microphone.It takes longer to edit this way, but the difficu...

  • paulg 7 months ago

    Put some Porter Seal in it. LOL

  • paulg 7 months ago

    It also sounds like Enzo's mom is screaming at him on start up.

  • raffmaxi 9 months ago

    In 2 years: "I bought the cheapest Bugatti Chiron in the US!"

  • Keisukek Bakahashi 21 days ago

    Ew fuck the veyron, egg looking ass

  • Camp Master Noob 2 months ago

    Even if he did find a cheap Chiron, I bet changing a mere oil filter would cost well over 10 grand :D

  • Ben Morris 9 months ago

    I owned a Testtrossa in 1992, and even THEN the car had to warm up before it found a good idle. So, that is NOT a flaw, it is a design element. Also, in 1992, the 12,000 mile service cost me $12,000. So, if it is $8k today, be happy.

  • j freed 2 months ago

    It's a Pininfarina-designed idle sequence.

  • Rafael Croce 3 months ago

    @ZGryphon I was just joking, hahahaha! =)

  • AvengerDK 9 months ago

    Wasn't a Ferrari from that time suppose to have 3 different leaks at a time?

  • j freed 2 months ago

    What a plus!

  • P 9 months ago

    Dear hoovie, I normally run ad.block but for you I watched two full ads to contribute to your Ferrari repair fund

  • Florian Quattlender 9 months ago

    @Tim Furlong what a mensch 😂

  • CorollaGTSSRX 9 months ago

    "I almost forgot I owned a Rolls Royce".... 1% problems

  • j freed 2 months ago

    CorollaGTSSRX - well, the .1% are probably the elite investors ruining middle class America, you know the ones who could trade the entire net worth of Hoovie the way you would buy a convenience store snack.*Sigh*

  • Dana W 5 months ago

    We should all have such problems.

  • Nomadic Julien 9 months ago

    It could be worse, you could have a roof on your doors and have to crawl inside.

  • Nathan Johnson 9 months ago

    I would definitely take the GT over the TR, guillotine roof/doors and all.

  • Nomadic Julien 9 months ago

    Glad I'm not the only one watching Doug 😂

  • Louis Subearth 9 months ago

    I'm surprised no one made cocaine jokes. I expected at least a line of them.

  • Hamel Patel 1 months ago

    Referenced in the first video

  • j freed 2 months ago

    That would mirror my expectations.

  • JayinMI 9 months ago

    I recently worked on an Alfa Romeo whose clock said "5:62"

  • j freed 2 months ago

    Because the metric system? 🍔

  • AlfonsoB 9 months ago

    I bet it had some dead pixels on it, should have said "5:82"

  • Lemon Lollipop 9 months ago

    Did that man just lick antifreeze? What a pro

  • I mboo 9 months ago