Here's Everything that's Broken on My Bargain Ferrari Testarossa

  • Published on:  9/14/2018
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  • Hoovies Garage
    Hoovies Garage  11 months ago+974

    So here's the deal with the "get the Wizard a microphone" comments. After a few years of trial and error on sound recording, I no longer trust wireless microphones. Since I don't have someone behind the camera, or a sound guy listening for issues, there's too much risk of a video getting ruined by audio issues-- which has happened so many times in the past. Currently I put a sound recorder in my pocket that's wired directly to the microphone.
    It takes longer to edit this way, but the difficulty would go up by over 9000 if I had to jump back and forth syncing and editing between 2 microphones. So when I film with the wizard, I try and stay close to him, and I turn up the sound level to MAX when he speaks. It doesn't help that he's also pretty soft spoken. I'm sorry, but this is as good as it's going to get without someone helping me film, and the cost and effort of that is NOT worth it.
    Also, I didn't actually mean to hang up on him, as I thought the conversation was over-- and called him back after I finished the video. I love that man!

  • raffmaxi
    raffmaxi 11 months ago+1020

    In 2 years: "I bought the cheapest Bugatti Chiron in the US!"

  • AvengerDK
    AvengerDK 11 months ago+189

    Wasn't a Ferrari from that time suppose to have 3 different leaks at a time?

  • CorollaGTSSRX
    CorollaGTSSRX 11 months ago+61

    "I almost forgot I owned a Rolls Royce".... 1% problems

  • Louis Subearth
    Louis Subearth 11 months ago+82

    I'm surprised no one made cocaine jokes. I expected at least a line of them.

  • Ben Morris
    Ben Morris 11 months ago+198

    I owned a Testtrossa in 1992, and even THEN the car had to warm up before it found a good idle. So, that is NOT a flaw, it is a design element. Also, in 1992, the 12,000 mile service cost me $12,000. So, if it is $8k today, be happy.

  • Nomadic Julien
    Nomadic Julien 11 months ago+708

    It could be worse, you could have a roof on your doors and have to crawl inside.

  • TPB
    TPB 11 months ago+112

    Dear hoovie, I normally run ad.block but for you I watched two full ads to contribute to your Ferrari repair fund

  • Armando Magallon
    Armando Magallon 11 months ago+46

    The bigger leak is in your wallet now my friend.

  • Lemon Lollipop
    Lemon Lollipop 11 months ago+32

    Did that man just lick antifreeze? What a pro

  • Nick's Stuff
    Nick's Stuff 11 months ago+39

    Is bothered by the noise of a lawn mower. Starts a 12 cylinder

  • Widhi
    Widhi 11 months ago+382

    No wonder the previous owner said “you’re the right owner for the car” without problems you wont get any content from the car lol

  • JayinMI
    JayinMI 11 months ago+32

    I recently worked on an Alfa Romeo whose clock said "5:62"

  • Joshua Law
    Joshua Law 10 months ago+26

    Old Ferrari: blows up
    Hoovie: buys another old Ferrari

  • cullou toltec
    cullou toltec 11 months ago+26

    you DON'T wanna lose the Car Wizard...i suggest a tracking ankle bracelet

  • Leslie Reissner
    Leslie Reissner 11 months ago+27

    I guess the nice blue Corvette had to go because there was no suitable YouTube drama to be made from it. On the other hand, a 30 year old car that needs an engine-out service every three years should offer limitless potential for hilarity and viewer witticisms.

  • Giovanni Santana
    Giovanni Santana 11 months ago+521

    Hoovie single handily keeps the wizard in business.

  • ultrablue2
    ultrablue2 11 months ago+25

    Forget the Ferrari- Who’s Dodge Diplomat/Grand Fury?

  • Johnny Deville
    Johnny Deville 11 months ago+11

    Italian supercars! Welcome to iconic money pits! On posters in our rooms these cars were perfect! In real life though........

  • Ian McLeod
    Ian McLeod 11 months ago+6

    Sounds Italian alright, designed to run in warm to moderate climate. I'd take Jay Leno's advice of letting it warm up until the temp gauges moves off the peg before pulling away.