How to Freeze and Unfreeze Credit Reports

  • Published on:  11/14/2019
  • • Easiest, most efficient, and cost effective way to protect your credit from hacks and theft is to freeze your credit report files

    • That being said, you don't want a credit freeze to cause a lot of hassle in your life. We know a lot of borrowers who have had to spend hours on the phone trying to figure out how to unfreeze their credit so that we can pull their credit to get them pre-approved. Don't let that happen to you...

    • Equifax and Transunion are free and easy...we recommend just freezing those 2 bureaus

    • It is easy to temporarily freeze and unfreeze your Equifax and Transunion bureaus online. It literally just takes 60 seconds to do

    • You can elect to unfreeze for specific dates. This is very helpful especially if you are getting a mortgage - There are Pins to unfreeze your credit over the phone or sure to store your pins somewhere safe

    • Of course, Please keep your login info safe and security. You don't want to go through all this effort just to make it really easy for a hacker to get into your credit file