Star Wars: The Last Jedi - Movie Review



  • James Ward
    James Ward 8 hours ago

    I agree with every word your saying, I love this movie

  • Jaron Hudson
    Jaron Hudson yesterday

    I never dislike videos of my subscriptions, but this review makes Stuckmann look like a complete dumbass. He really has a hard time spotting actual problems.

  • Muzmi Ulya
    Muzmi Ulya 2 days ago

    I guess the movie subverted his expectation enough so he give it an A-

  • Josh Hann
    Josh Hann 2 days ago

    I disagree when you said that this film was the best of the whole franchise and that it had the best action sequences. The last Jedi was just watchable in my opinion.

  • Bjørn Hørning
    Bjørn Hørning 2 days ago

    did Christ just get sponsorized?

  • Dexter White
    Dexter White 4 days ago

    I enjoyed watching this film in 3D in the theater, but it was forgettable.

  • carlos V
    carlos V 5 days ago

    I admire you a lot, but, I don't think you were watching the same movie man

  • Ronnie Yuen
    Ronnie Yuen 5 days ago

    I've watched a lot of your reviews, and this is my first down vote. Really can't agree with you that this is a good Starwars movie

  • bettergetdave
    bettergetdave 5 days ago

    I just watched this guy review the 2018 predator with a deserved D +. I thought wow i bet this guy got everything that was wrong with TLJ....nope.

  • ackka
    ackka 6 days ago

    Had subscribed, then I saw this review and you lost all credit with me. Last Jedia was the worst movie made and treated Luke with a hatred and disdain I have never seen in any other film. Daisy Rider is a horrible actress and plays Rey like a robot. This movie had so many plot holes it was unbereable. Seriously how much did Rian Johnson pay you for this.

  • lschroter2020
    lschroter2020 6 days ago

    I am Sorry but there is no way Last jedi is better then Return of jedi And the fact you gave last jedi an A- and You gave infinity war B+ tells me you suck and you will lose a lot of subscribers like you say you like movies but you only like this movie because its star wars there are so many more movies that are way better then the last jedi that you gave a lower too faggot. That's right I am A hater

  • R S
    R S 7 days ago+1

    I absolutely loved this film. Bravo Rian Johnson.

  • James Zbierski
    James Zbierski 7 days ago

    Dude you’re usually so on point but this movie was garbage

  • Dan the Man
    Dan the Man 9 days ago

    Hard to go back and watch these positive reviews of TLJ. Chris I haven't watched a single one of your reviews this you decided to kiss Disney's ring rather than be faithful to your audience. Sad sad.

  • Trevor Thornley
    Trevor Thornley 14 days ago

    this movie kicks some serious ass

  • Roger Oropeza
    Roger Oropeza 15 days ago

    I looked for this guy because I thought he was a good reviewer.. Unfortunately he turned out to be an idiot..

  • Val Halla
    Val Halla 16 days ago

    Chris- I couldn’t disagree more with your opinion of this film. Do you honestly feel this way still??

  • Marcin Szczepański
    Marcin Szczepański 16 days ago

    This review is a jaw-dropper. For the first 3-4 minutes I actually expected to hear "...ok, no, I'm just joking, here's the real review". I don't understand how the worst SW movie OF ALL TIME could get such a positive review. It didn't feel like an assembly line product, all right. It felt like the factory exploded, killing everybody in a five mile radius.

  • DJ Wolf
    DJ Wolf 19 days ago

    I agree

  • Mattallica13526
    Mattallica13526 22 days ago+1

    You were Phantom menacing hard on this one Chris. One day you’ll wake up and realise that