Love Story - Originally sung by Andy Williams (♪Music Video with Lyrics) HD



  • Rina Guilbert 2 years ago

    To my husband,Dr Jocelyn Guilbert,passed away,8/21/2016 at Percy Hospital ,France.....(46 years old)Our love story since 20 years ago and will last forever

  • Nature Breeze 12 minutes ago

    that's so sad :( sorry to hear that <3

  • The biggest lie in Love Story was "love means never having to say you're sorry." Love IS sayng you're sorry, having the strength to say it.

  • David Neff an hour ago

    What a great movie and song .why dont they make movies like this anymore. She is so beautiful

  • Alan 2 years ago

    Ali MacGraw was hot in this movie. Intelligence is sexy, and she was beautiful.

  • Parishad Nz. 2 years ago

    Good old days!!!Good old films!!!!Today we are condemned to witness some meaningless sex vs porn scenes disguised as real love and how a relationship is supposed to be!!!So sorry for my sorry for me:-(

  • Ashia 2 years ago

    "How long does it last? Can love be measured by the hours in a day? I have no answers now..." My fav part ^^

  • Michael Haguet 1 years ago


  • Michael Haguet 1 years ago


  • Marwa Refaat 1 years ago

    I coincidently watched this movie for the first time when i was in the beginning of a love story with the love of my life...And then after a short time our relationship ended and we got a part for four years...Now we are reunited again..Plz everyone pray for us to never be a part again 🙏

  • Marta Santos 1 months ago

    Love stori filme mais lindo que já assisti emocionante

  • drkishorrathi 2 months ago

    Best of luck

  • Jay Company 2 years ago

    Ali Macgraw was a beautiful lady, loved her eyebrows natural beauty.

  • Laura Ribeiro 2 years ago

    I saw this movie as a child(12),I hated it so much I felt like thats what will happen to my mom and dad ! they love eachother so much its so beautiful! now Im an adult and my parents are very old .. I thank God they are still together in love with each other.

  • Florence Hammond 2 years ago

    thinking of my dad this so reminds me of how much love he had for my mother

  • Mahmood Edres 1 years ago

    Florence Hammond the first time I ever new about this song, when my father asked me to download it for him. I knew then how much he loved my mother, but unfortunately they are divorced after 20years of Marriage. When ever I listen to this song it tears my hurt...

  • Artur Dent 1 years ago

    He's lucky, some of us never find it