MARVEL COMICS IN TROUBLE! What Does the Future Hold?

  • Published on:  8/7/2020
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    Marvel Hasn't Canceled Black Cat, Series Is on Hiatus Until Venom Event

    Writer Jed McKay has revealed that the Black Cat solo title will go on a brief hiatus, and will return for the King In Black storyline.

    Following the latest issue of Black Cat, the comic book series will be placed on hiatus. Writer Jed MacKay took to Twitter to discuss the delay and how it ties into an upcoming Marvel storyline.

    Marvel surprise cancels Dr. Strange title

    The current volume of Marvel Comics' ongoing Doctor Strange comic book series has come to a somewhat surprising end with this week's Dr. Strange #6. The surprise finale was confirmed in a letter from series writer Mark Waid and artist Kev Walker on the final page of the issue.

    Amazing Mary Jane ongoing canceled by Marvel, according to cover artist

    Marvel Comics' ongoing title Amazing Mary Jane is one of several titles that remain on hiatus following the distribution shutdown in April and May due to COVID-19. While other titles have since been rescheduled, this spin-off to Amazing Spider-Man has been on stand-by - but the series' cover artist says it has been canceled.

    What Kevin Feige Taking Over Marvel Means For Comics

    Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige's promotion to Chief Creative Officer of Marvel makes sense for film and TV - but what about Comics?

    Kevin Feige seems determined to prove just how high one Hollywood producer can ascend, with Marvel hitching every one of their entertainment properties to his leadership. That's the new reality and corporate structure governing the Disney brand, with reports claiming Kevin Feige now controls Marvel's creative vision.

    It had previously been reported that Feige's Marvel Studios would be handling TV as well, but in his new role as Chief Creative Officer of Marvel, it seems the creative leads across Marvel's many channels will be reporting to Feige directly. That means Marvel Studios, Marvel Television, and Marvel Comics. While the promotion makes perfect sense given the success of the MCU, and the new Marvel shows coming to Disney+... what the heck does it mean for Marvel Comics? Fans may be surprised, so let's break down just what is changing for comic readers in the near future.


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