Little Chopper - Homemade Guillotine Fun

  • Published on:  6/5/2020
  • Firstly this fun miniature Guillotine is safe because it has been engineered with power restrictions in the design. The trigger mechanism is also manual, hard to trigger and obvious by design.

    How it was made... All makes sense if you watch the video.
    Template on website:

    -First I took some scrap hard wood and cut a groove for the chopper 3mm deep, 3mm wide.
    Next I cut the wood 8mm square and sanded it to 7mm. 100mm long each.
    -The base is 3 or 4mm thick 55 x 95mm. The plank design is unnecessary but makes it look
    old fashioned. I have it on a template, mentioned later.
    -The small neck holder are 22mm high and 25mm wide, a 16mm hole is cut in a central position.
    The larger one is 22mm high and 38mm wide with a 16mm hole as above.
    There are two of these, one is sanded to 2mm thickness and the other 5mm with cut outs as
    in the video. The small one of these is glued into place, spray on activator makes it dry quick.
    -The side rails are now glued and screwed to the base with m1 or m1.2 x 6mm screws. If screws are not used the impact of the blade damages the model. 1.5 or 2mm holes are then drilled for the elastic bands either side of the inner blade rails.
    -The 3 blade components are marked onto some 0.8mm steel from the template and cut out. I age
    the two outside components of the blade and polish the inner just for looks. 1mm holes are drilled and I use 1mm panel pins to rivet it together. If you want the template contact me on Instagram or facebook. The blade should be left blunt, it just looks sharp.
    -Bracing is made for extra strength and looks 4mm square with 45 degree cuts.
    -The top block is now made 52x12mm, and a 4mm channel is drilled out between the uprights. A 1mm trigger hole is drilled in where it aligns with the hole in the blade. It screws to the top with m1x6mm screws countersunk.
    -I cut and tie a standard stationary elastic band into place so it cannot escape because of the knots in the base. When the elastic is stretched it pops into the groove in the design of the blade. If the elastic is too thick it fouls the inner sides and the guillotine will not work. There also needs to be a slight tension so the blade remains at the bottom of the model.
    -The final neck holder is screwed into place, same screws.
    -I decorated it with a Dremel and a diamond top, then varnished it. Ageing was done with a brown Acrylic paint and water mix, allowed to dry a little and wiped off. I did the same with white Acrylic. Them I buffed it with fine wire wool.

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    Kevin Macleod - Distant Tension

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    Copying anything you see in this video or on the website is done at your own risk entirely, the purpose of the video is to entertain and educate, not to emulate.