What's inside 2018 Mercedes A-Class?



  • Timothy L
    Timothy L 10 days ago

    Why the hell is there a slide there.... lmao

  • Bruce Rivers
    Bruce Rivers 21 days ago

    Mercedes Benz make some of the best vehicles period 💯💯💯

  • farzeen rahman
    farzeen rahman 3 months ago

    Daniel buy the a class please

  • markus mortensen
    markus mortensen 5 months ago

    what song is this 2:43

  • Allison Blatt
    Allison Blatt 5 months ago

    Epic trip and this was a really good video. can you give me a shoutout please

  • [CPU] Sandalphon
    [CPU] Sandalphon 5 months ago

    Too bad this A class doesn’t sell in the US. Gotta have to wait for the Concept A instead but, I don’t think the interior will be the same. It might be the same as the old generation A class. If they do that I will cry.

  • vulpix gamer
    vulpix gamer 6 months ago

    What inside bugatti chiron

  • Jefferson Gamer
    Jefferson Gamer 6 months ago+1

    How much does it cost?
    The Mystery Begins

  • Pyro time den helder
    Pyro time den helder 6 months ago

    Nl laat je hooren

  • Pyro time den helder
    Pyro time den helder 6 months ago

    I m dutch

  • Teo Romania
    Teo Romania 6 months ago

    Are you and Jerry brothers ?

  • Vishnu Madhavan
    Vishnu Madhavan 6 months ago


  • Mikolay Marek
    Mikolay Marek 6 months ago

    4:08 gummy bears????? He ment gummy worms

  • Ali Mirza
    Ali Mirza 6 months ago

    MERCEDES-BENZ The Best or Nothing.

  • Caroline Johnson
    Caroline Johnson 6 months ago

    I have two Hot wheel Tesla

  • Uzi Game GP
    Uzi Game GP 6 months ago

    Planning to get this beauty. Hopefully this year!

  • Hanna Da banana
    Hanna Da banana 6 months ago

    1 hour of sleep sounds wonderful
    He wishes he got 20

  • Ely lebebev
    Ely lebebev 6 months ago


  • Slice N Dice079
    Slice N Dice079 6 months ago

    WHAT ok this is better than a tesla in my opinion

  • Hornyhammy
    Hornyhammy 6 months ago

    The man looks like Albert ienstine