Sebastian Stan - Full Panel/Q&A - Salt Lake Comic Con 2015

  • Published on:  9/28/2015
  • HD 1080p60 - Interview with Sebastian Stan - Full Panel/Q&A. Appearing as the Winter Soldier in the Captain America films, but also has many other great roles. Talks a bit about his thoughts on Captain America: Civil War!

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    Romanian translation for 11:34 to 12:29 thanks to +RuunaLUVSesshy!
    Fans: Good morning! My name is Allie and my name is Sunnie and we wanted to know how often you go to Romania now and what do you like to do when you go there.
    Seb: Are you from Romania?
    Fans: No, but I've lived there for about a year and a half.
    Seb: Wow
    Seb: It is a pleasure and thank you for coming here! I haven't gone to Romania since... 2003, but I have to go back maybe, I was thinking, this summer.
    Fan: We can go together!
    Seb: Ah! And Civil War will be an amazing movie! They don’t know what I’m saying right now.
    Fan: Thank you!
    Seb: You're welcome!

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