I Had 10 Plastic Surgeries (it backfired)

  • Published on:  11/16/2019
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    Hey, guys. My name's Melissa. I've had 10 plastic surgeries to become an influencer. However, my dream soon turned into a nightmare.

    I was always an ugly child. I had a best friend, who was very attractive so kids at school would call us “beauty and the beast”. They were cruel to me all. the. time. After being bullied mercilessly and tired of people frowning at the sight of me, I decided that I have to change. I wanted to be like one of those reality TV stars and influencers that everyone admired. I saved some money from my job and went to the surgeon and fixed my nose and ears. And after the operations, I got an immediate reaction! Guys flirted with me, girls were staring at me with jealous looks. I looked like a different person, I even sometimes introduced myself with a different name - Jane. And I loooved being Jane. I was hooked. I was starved for attention and as soon as I got it, I wanted more. I started planning my other surgeries. But not everybody was happy with these changes.

    First, my best friend started telling me that I’ve changed too much. She hated that I’m finally prettier than her, so I just stopped talking to her. My brother would tease me about my surgeries, too. But I didn’t care. I got a breast enlargement and was as happy as ever. I started taking pictures of myself, posting them on Instagram and in a month I got like 20,000 followers. People thought I was beautiful. Even my brother’s best friend agreed. Since I had my surgery, his best friend, Harry, started coming to our house more often. He’d tell me that I had beautiful curves, that he couldn’t keep his eyes off of me, even joked about hanging my picture in his bedroom just to see me every day. I’d sometimes see him sneaking a peak when I’d go to change my clothes. I felt admired and attractive, but it wasn’t enough. I didn’t want to be just beautiful, I wanted to be famous. So, I got butt implants. I’d get messages from people telling me how inspiring I am and how they’re jealous of my looks. Nobody had ever told me that before! But this one incident that happened soon after nearly destroyed me...

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