Learn names of fruits and vegetables by a simple matching game for kids|果物と野菜|

  • Published on:  3/10/2016
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    Does your kid love fruits and vegetables? Do they know how to pronounce them and do you want to train up their hand-eye coordination and encourage them to take more fruit and vegetable in order to have a health diet daily? Let's learn all about it with this 5 minutes video!

    Here we introduce toy velcro cutting fruits and vegetables playset which is educational and fun for kids to play and learn.

    In this video, we will match the fruits and vegetables by their shape, if we find a match, we will merge it and pronounce the fruit name or vegetable name, your kid will learn the shape of fruit and vegetable and how does it call, this matching game will develop kids problem solving skill and hand-eye coordination.

    After playing this fruit toy few times, my kid start to recognize the pronunciations of fruits and vegetables and able to cut and assemble most of them, surprisingly she take more fruits than before, we are very happy to see her can grow healthy and play as the same time.
    The list of fruit and vegetable in the video with order, apple, potato, lettuce, grapes, cucumber, strawberry, eggplant, orange, mushroom, lemon, watermelon, tomato, pear, corn.

    Make Learning Fun is an educational and entertainment channel for kids to learn and laugh.
    We hope your kid will enjoy this video and learn the pronunciation and name of fruits same as my kid.
    And this video is also suitable for someone who wants to learn English as second language. If you want to watch more video from us, please
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