The Unbeatable Game from the 60s: Dr NIM

  • Published on:  1/26/2016
  • Buy a modern version of Dr NIM! game of (single pile) Nim can be won by anyone who understands a simple trick. A trick so easy, a 1960s mechanical plastic computer can play with perfect strategy, defeating all humans.Learn the method and proceed to beat your friends, family and colleagues.Read more about single-pile Nim on the Maths Busking site: Domino Computer. The Domputer. NIM at the Computer History Museum: someone has put the whole instruction booklet online: PARKER: Stand-up MathematicianWebsite: by Howard CarterDesign by Simon Wright


  • Finn Underwood 2 years ago

    So... to win when you go first, you discretely add a coin?Correct me if I'm wrong, but that sounds an awful lot like cheating...

  • Mark Davis 1 months ago

    Not cheating - the 20 was the busker's money, so it's fair for the busker to give himself ability to retain it. It was a performance, not a gambling game.

  • C. A. G. 1 months ago

    @Finn Underwood Of course, you're right. Just ask Hillary.

  • TABBY 10 months ago

    “Casually racist instruction manual”

  • oh, here we go....

  • Hőkezelt Hunor 6 months ago

    channel named stand up maths*sits down*me:CLICKBAIT

  • †XΞZIAN† 15 days ago

    I have received it

  • Lilia Parfait 1 months ago

    I got it

  • AlterEgo 9 months ago

    NIM upside down is WIN hmmmm...

  • First Kek Last KEEK 16 days ago

    Yopedi P hhnggggg

  • dusty 18 days ago

    people still debating on this? Dang

  • My birds doing that 5 months ago

    *Doctors hate him! Australian man beats game with this one simple trick!*

  • Angelica Bowman 10 days ago

    *Play this game for 1 minute and see why everyone's addicted!*

  • FabiTheAlicorn 1 months ago

    Vincent Lok you mean gta 5 poster

  • Instructions UnclearWon the lottery

  • Mindy McClaran 17 days ago

    At least the ceiling fan is ok...

  • Corn be heavy soon.

  • JeffFrmJoisey 10 months ago

    I had Dr. Nim as a kid!! The manual was the most detailed, text filled set of toy instructions I ever got (not including model instructions). If I'm remembering correctly, there was a section at the end of the manual which explained computer programming or the logic needed for one. I remember using that info and programming my own Dr. Nim game in HP Basic on a "time share" HP1000 computer. Oh, and, it was saved on lunched yellow paper tape that you had to reload to play.

  • b0r0din 22 days ago

    i added the 256 like for the lols (and the binary) :)

  • Nick's Picks 8 months ago

    Must have been a real pain keeping that little bird fed that lived inside the machine (snicker - I used one of those as well)

  • Barney McWhat 1 months ago

    played this with my young nephew. only instead of coins, marbles, or pegs, there were sweets. and instead of losing, if there were no sweets left to take, and it was your go, you'd have to take and bite into a wedge of lemon.because what else are nephews for

  • Curtis Levey 6 days ago

    I like lemon so why not

  • William mitchell 28 days ago

    thank you for telling me how to hustle drunks at a bar

  • FaxFox Media 24 days ago

    Adding an extra coin/marble would be cheating. lol. So your trick to winning Nim is to cheat.

  • @Slimeustas AND SICKLE!1!1!1!1!1!1!(jk)

  • Slimeustas 17 days ago

    @Cheesio yes there is it's called hammer