The Unbeatable Game from the 60s: Dr NIM

  • Published on:  1/26/2016
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    The game of (single pile) Nim can be won by anyone who understands a simple trick. A trick so easy, a 1960s mechanical plastic computer can play with perfect strategy, defeating all humans.

    Learn the method and proceed to beat your friends, family and colleagues.

    Read more about single-pile Nim on the Maths Busking site:

    My Domino Computer. The Domputer.

    Dr NIM at the Computer History Museum:

    And someone has put the whole instruction booklet online:

    MATT PARKER: Stand-up Mathematician

    Music by Howard Carter
    Design by Simon Wright


  • Nexxarian
    Nexxarian yesterday+2

    If you're gambling using this strategy and have to put down a 13th coin so you'll win, you'll get murked by your opponent.

  • Antroflux
    Antroflux yesterday

    I remember in fourth grade my teacher had this game called first to fifty which is basically this, as you could only use 1-6, and the first one to add to fifty wins. I remember I was joining a play and I figured it out backstage! I played all my friends and they said omg play the teacher! That was fun..

  • John StienBec
    John StienBec 2 days ago


  • P Ξ Λ C Y Λ L P H Λ

    me at 3.a.m

  • X-linked; Mm; Pampari; 1/cos

    Ma what

  • MemeMorto
    MemeMorto 4 days ago

    Or i could edit the description and say that for win is grab a marble and put inside the box

  • Jonathan Parent / DJ 10N1Z3D

    Either you got people kicked out of a lot of pubs, or you accidentally sent a lot of people to the hospital from this

  • rObLox kId
    rObLox kId 7 days ago

    NIM is just WIN upside down and flipped.

  • Skankindead Gameplay

    Thank you for teaching me the secret of NIM.

  • Stuart Cookie
    Stuart Cookie 10 days ago

    :51 You could always play with yourself.

  • Stuart Cookie
    Stuart Cookie 10 days ago

    Damn just watch "Screetch" play a board game

  • HyperLight
    HyperLight 10 days ago

    0:19 nice audio syncing

  • Jack Anderson
    Jack Anderson 10 days ago

    His hair is very odd

  • samjustsaid
    samjustsaid 11 days ago+1

    The game itself is actually called just Nim. This is a plastic automated version of the game where you can play the game against a computer instead of another person. The game was in fact invented in ancient China.
    The game of Nim

  • Kawaiibunnypop
    Kawaiibunnypop 11 days ago

    Did anyone else already learn this from the Professor Layton series? XD I don't remember which specific game it was from but I think it was from the Azran Legacy?

  • Shopping Copons
    Shopping Copons 11 days ago


  • DoGgO
    DoGgO 12 days ago

    Isnt adding a coin cheating?

  • WD41
    WD41 13 days ago

    If it beats you every time what’s the point in playing? Man 60s kids were gullible.

  • Nintendo Station 1
    Nintendo Station 1 13 days ago

    Dude, just shave the head..its basically gone already.

  • toadpecker
    toadpecker 14 days ago

    he has 13 coins