How To Whip Cream At Home | How To Make Whipped Cream to Stiff Peaks| How To Make Whipped Cream

  • Published on:  2/20/2021
  • I know a lot of bakers struggle with whipping cream, both dairy and non dairy at home. In this video, I share with you a detailed tutorial on how to whip cream at home, with lots of tips and tricks that will help you whip your cream to the desired consistency every time!

    In this video we cover-

    1) what is whipping cream? Brands of whipping cream available in India
    2) how to whip cream to soft peaks
    3) how to whip cream to stiff peaks
    4) how to whip cream perfectly in summer
    5) how to make ice bath to whip cream
    6) how to store whipped cream
    7) how to whip cream with and without electric mixer

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