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  • TeamFourStar 9 months ago

    Don't forget to catch DBZA Ep. 60 Part 1!➤ full version of Day of Fate (the transformation song) is now available! SPOTIFY:

  • Ty Blascak 23 hours ago

    TeamFourStar why is Alexander Anderson not on iTunes

  • Super Dayvon 2 months ago

    @bingisnow they hatin

  • tgrace1911 _ 9 months ago

    "Oh yeah...cell...youre gonna die..."

  • Ryan Henson 2 days ago

    "It's all acording to cake."

  • Toby Cox 23 days ago

    You said it, not me.

  • Soni32ultra alpha 7 months ago

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  • Ryūsei 6 days ago

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  • v b 17 days ago

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  • Joseph G 9 months ago

    Now plant your feet!.......Grit your teeth! And eat that horse!Gohan:*just killed cell* horse eaten!

  • Adriel Oliveira 8 months ago

    EA version:*BUY MY POWER!*

  • Jason Holland 3 days ago

    Adriel Oliveira I read that right before the song said it...

  • Darth Fikus 8 days ago

    EA Owned counter +1

  • The Plasmic Alchemist 8 months ago

    Gohan!Grow. Up.You act like you are the only one suffering, but I believe that Trunks has some stories for you, and I can assume they all end with "...and then he died, too."And before you start whining about your father—and I get it—take a moment to consider that my father made me a soulless killing machine to kill your father. And that doesn't even come close to the complete tragedy of fatherhood that is Vegeta.Cell was right.You think you're better than everyone else, but there you s...

  • JoGeJo 6 days ago

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  • Hyper Shadic142 24 days ago

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  • Dky640 9 months ago

    This is like an audio senzu bean!

  • Abuumdumsadd Granum 27 days ago

    @Bronies & Mash CAN PEOPLE LISTEN TO IT ON SPOOFY!? Game grumps joke. If you don't watch game grumps then you probably don't know what I'm talking about.

  • BlakeTheBroken 2 months ago

    Then pull a Krillin and throw it at my face.Or pull a Vegeta and throw it at my face...

  • razml 9 months ago

    I think i have finally figured it out!*Yuduliya - Vele*many people think that this line means that Gohan is comparing himself to god, but when thinking about the context of the song, Gohan is actually represented as the:Messiah - the savior sent by god.which has led me to believe that the Yudoliya - vele doesn't mean"יודו כי אני ה' - ואילו""yudu ki ani adonai(ya) - vaeilo"literally meaning - "they will confess that i am god (godlike) - or else"but actually me...

  • I think you need real help

  • PiPi Soneec 16 hours ago

    Every Z Fighter in Abridged: *NEERD*

  • Gabriel Aponte 8 months ago

    Piccolo gave Gohan strengthKrillen gave Gohan supportChi chi gave Gohan loveCell gave Gohan rageGoku gave courage16 gave Gohan his will and soul to protectl

  • Bob the Builder 16 hours ago

    More like:Piccolo gave Gohan strengthPiccolo gave Gohan supportPiccolo gave Gohan lovePiccolo gave Gohan ragePiccolo gave couragePiccolo gave Gohan his will and soul to protectlGoku is as bad of a father as MCU Odin and Thanos

  • MegaTrainer X yesterday


  • Michael Navarro 8 months ago

    Me 1st time listening: "This cover is not bad."Me 10th time listening: *"BY MY POWER! WHOA WHOA!"*

  • diomedes39 16 days ago

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  • Benjamin Bergstrom 18 days ago