French Montana - No Stylist ft. Drake



  • XÐAVIÐ. TNT 5 months ago

    Franch Montana looks like Drake's cousin

  • C D 23 hours ago

    his uncle

  • Tony Lohi an hour ago

    @Hassan Algaf Id like to go to Grand Casablanca beach, and chill in Marrakesh, I got the Lobor 22K gold plated Marrakesh watch to wear there

  • Ragethunder456 2 months ago

    Drake: *exists for 1 second in a song*Everybody: Yo heard of that new drake song?

  • Jasmin Menzies an hour ago

    OMG right

  • PhyZeik 3 days ago

    He's been relevant since 2009! He's definitely top 5 rappers in my opinion. 1) Tupac 2) Drake 3) Eminem 4) logic 5) Kendrick

  • Yolanda Rodrigues 2 months ago

    The way he says “No Stylist” is a vibe in itself 😍

  • Nejc Rantaša 5 days ago

    @Ely soo what stop hatin

  • DANGER CHAINSAW 6 days ago

    I feel you

  • Kinggg Ezekiel 17 days ago

    🌟If you are reading this you will be rich🌟

  • WeLoveArmani 2 days ago

    Thanks bro

  • Already am

  • Mitchelle Chrissie an hour ago

    June 2019 who still grinding?

  • Shloak Gupta 2 months ago

    Why do french and drake look like twin brothers ? The ones that look different 😂🤙

  • They don't look like but they look alive

  • Shloak Gupta 1 months ago

    @Sanjay Mohan yes 😂😂😂

  • GW Jeff 6 days ago

    French Montana is one of the most famous rappers you've never heard of.

  • C D 26 minutes ago

    @softecas no stylist

  • softecas 7 hours ago

    okay but min yoongi

  • Moroccan boy you are a genius 🇲🇦 I know it

  • Base2Final 2 days ago

    Jnxzify can you point some out?

  • Baba Typ 5 days ago

    @B*D* ja man😂

  • mcGregor conor 13 days ago

    Wen ahl lmaghrib akhokon mn Lebnen 🇱🇧🇲🇦😘❤

  • KaRiM HaniN an hour ago

    Hello 😍

  • Frederic Reid an hour ago


  • WILLEM 8 months ago

    Directors: Glenn Michael & ChristoCinematographer: Kelly Jeffrey Producers: Ryan Hahn & Vince TranStylist:

  • Donald Foumane 5 days ago

    Stylist: No Stylist