Big Brother Brothers: BB22 All-Stars Week 7 Live Feed Spoilers 🌴🌟🔥

  • Published on:  9/19/2020
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    This week, Big Brother Brothers Fox Van Allen and Lance Cartelli celebrate Dani Briones's messed-up, no-good Week 6 as Head of Household that put a metric ton of blood on her hands, Da'Vonne Rogers' first ever (tiny) Power of Veto win, and the game moves that seriously weakened Nicole Franzel's shot at the $500,000 prize. Plus, the bros discuss all the fake tears being shed this week, including Nicole Franzel's performance for the live TV cameras while voting out her close ally (and fellow Big Brother winner) Ian Terry. Plus, the bros break down Memphis Garrett's diabolical Week 7 HoH plans (watch out, Kevin Campbell, David Alexander and Da'Vonne!), his new final 3 and final 4 "Wise Guys" alliances, and the latest Memphis controversy that's being reported on by TMZ and all the internet tabloids.

    And, yes, the bros definitely discuss the latest weirdness to come from Julie Chen Moonves during her interview with the first member of the BB22 jury, Ian Terry.

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