10 Prehistoric Creatures That Might Be Alive Today!

  • Published on:  5/13/2020
  • 10 Prehistoric Creatures That Might Be Alive Today!

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    10 Prehistoric Creatures That Might Be Alive Today
    Life on earth goes through a cycle of evolution and extinction, that’s just how the world works.
    However, dominant a specie might be today, chances are, it will be long gone in a few million years. and live through the various mass extinctions that have happened
    throughout pre-history and are still alive today. So there’s no reason why these creatures on our list
    couldn’t have done the same. Today we will be looking at 10 prehistoric creatures that might still be
    alive today. Do you think Nessie is just a figment of someone’s wild imagination? Stay tuned till number
    one as it might change your mind.

    Number 10. The Megatherium
    When you think of sloths, you likely think of small, slow-moving creatures, but in the Ice Age, there were
    types of sloths that had much more active and aggressive tendencies. One of the biggest among these
    were the Megatherium. How big did they get? Well, these ground sloths could actually grow up to 20
    feet long, which is longer than many land creatures today, including elephants.
    For all we know, the megatherium went extinct at around 8500 BC, along with other iconic animals such
    as the Irish Elk and the Saber-toothed Tiger. However, scientists now believe that this giant ground sloth
    survived in remote areas. While some say for another 5000 years, but others say they may still be
    roaming unexplored areas of the Amazon until today.
    Amazon locals often tell tales of the Mapinguary, which is an animal that stands over nine feet tall, with
    nasty claws, backward-facing feet and an extra mouth on its belly, the terrible beasty would surely send
    you running for the hills if it didn’t get hold of you first.
    Though, if accounts of locals are to be believed, you’d likely smell it coming and have ample chance to
    get away because the Mapinguari is said to give off a horrific scent.
    It’s alleged to be a carnivore, and has been blamed for devouring herds of cattle, but never has there
    been a documented assault on a human.

    Number 9. The Mokele-Mbembe
    In the swampy jungles of western Africa, reports persist of an elephant-sized creature with smooth,
    brownish-gray skin, a long, flexible neck, a very long tail as powerful as a crocodile’s, and three-clawed
    feet the size of frying pans. Over the past three centuries, native Pygmies and Western explorers have
    told how the animals feed on the nutlike fruit of a riverbank plant and keep to the deep pools and
    subsurface caves of waters in this largely unexplored region.
    Does the description sound familiar to you? Well it should because what you just heard is the textbook
    description of a sauropod; large plant eaters with long necks and tails and tiny heads. These dinosaurs
    died out over 70 million years ago, but could it be possible that a certain species of sauropod survived
    the great extinction and continue to exist in certain, unexplored regions?

    Sightings of this animal is prevalent in the Congo, where the legend actually started. Given the fact that
    80% of the Likoula region in Northeast Congo still remain uncharted, there is a large possibility that a
    few of these animals still survive.
    10 Prehistoric Creatures That Might Be Alive Today!

    Number 8. The Short Faced Bear
    The short-faced bear, also called the giant short-faced bear or bulldog bear, was a genus of prehistoric
    bear which ranged across North America from the mid-Pleistocene until at least 11,000 years ago. This
    creature may be one of the largest known terrestrial mammalian carnivores that has ever existed.
    Although generally believed to be extinct, some cryptozoologists have theorized that it may still exist in
    North America or Russia.
    Many have suggested that a number of accounts included in collections of supposed Bigfoot sightings, may in fact refer to surviving short-faced bears, which he
    notes have the limb proportions of a gorilla. These Bigfoot accounts describe much larger animals with
    eyes that glow in the dark.
    They have also been reported sightings in Canada, particularly Northern British Columbia, Alberta and
    Saskatchewan. Locals in the area have been telling tales of a large, bear-like animal strong enough to
    carry off a full grown moose.

    Number 7. The Megalania

    10 Prehistoric Creatures That Might Be Alive Today!