Bought my favourite SNAKE her very own "MANSION" !!!

  • Published on:  9/16/2018
  • Many of you have been asking for a snake video, so VOILÀ !

    Quick disclaimer :
    There will be a 2-3 second clip of Penelope eating a frozen/thawed ALREADY-DEAD rodent in the middle of the video (0:38 to be exact). Snakes are carnivores and WILL NOT eat plant matter. Rodents are what these snakes eat in nature. If you do not wish to watch, please click away.

    In this video I will be showing you the enclosure that I picked up for my Ball Python, Penelope. It’s definitely an upgrade from her previous enclosure. She has eaten in this new enclosure, which shows that she is acclimating fine. The enclosure has an approximate. measurement of (4 feet) x (1.5 feet) x (1 feet), and was rather empty during the making of this video. It now has a naturalistic water dish and a hide. More clutter/decor is to be added in the near future, but as for now, Penelope seems to be enjoying her new “mansion”.

    ** This video is purely for educational and entertainment purposes only.

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  • DeathStalker
    DeathStalker 4 months ago+1389

    pissy is still at it😆😆😆😆😆

  • Sav4g3 xxX
    Sav4g3 xxX 2 days ago

    Make another pissy video like if so

  • xxstephywolfxx
    xxstephywolfxx 8 days ago

    I just got my Male ball python a new tank and he is loving it it's a 40 gallon he's having a fun time

  • Angel's angels
    Angel's angels 8 days ago

    My normal is a diva lol also she pooped the same day I upgraded her too lol

  • Ruby Ralphs
    Ruby Ralphs 10 days ago

    Has she ever bit you?

  • William Wallace
    William Wallace 12 days ago

    Once a snek always a happy snek ===============:) <---- snek

  • lan lan
    lan lan 13 days ago

    Even though mostly his videos are short, but his videos are fun

  • Kookie Chip[RF]
    Kookie Chip[RF] 14 days ago

    Lol exotic your in an enclosure yourself m8😂

  • Lilith Sasha-McGarry

    I saw his face in the glass 6:20-6:25

  • Sophia Johnson
    Sophia Johnson 14 days ago

    i have a bald pithon sorry if my language bad

  • Nibada
    Nibada 15 days ago

    Hey! Make an update pleaseee

  • PAN
    PAN 19 days ago

    Exotic what happened to bella

  • Bryse Williams
    Bryse Williams 19 days ago

    Since you said if a ball python won’t eat in a bigger place I would use the old home to feed it in

  • Dickson
    Dickson 20 days ago

    Almost did a face reveal 🤔

  • JustSimplyBrandon
    JustSimplyBrandon 20 days ago

    Don’t ball pythons like to swim?

  • Dex YT43
    Dex YT43 22 days ago

    OMG Pissy is on the video and she is famous now :):):):) CUTE

  • Daniel Fontenot
    Daniel Fontenot 26 days ago

    Wow its so big

  • FBI
    FBI 26 days ago


  • Alissa Michaela
    Alissa Michaela a months ago

    That is going go stress the snake out. They prefer smaller enclosures to feel safe.

  • Heavenly Dragon
    Heavenly Dragon a months ago

    The snake is so cute XD