$1 Eggs Vs. $89 Eggs • Japan



  • Sai North
    Sai North 3 hours ago

    Now I miss eating Tamagoyaki! >_> Kyaa!

  • McKenna Walker
    McKenna Walker 4 hours ago

    I hate eggs :( I wish I liked them though

  • d r e a
    d r e a 5 hours ago

    this looks so good, too bad I'm allergic to eggs :( lol

  • Megan James
    Megan James 6 hours ago

    Omg when Adam didn’t give kichi kichi a good reaction to his omelette

  • Angelina Mota
    Angelina Mota 6 hours ago

    can someone please make a compilation video of all the times anybody on worth it has compared food to disney land

  • Erika Carter
    Erika Carter 7 hours ago

    The closed captioning on this is hilarious. Borderline offensive.

  • TY13R VEVO
    TY13R VEVO 7 hours ago

    1:22 omg japanese stan lee

  • LuckyLachy _13
    LuckyLachy _13 7 hours ago

    Is it me or are Japanese people REALLY enthusiastic?

  • Sumaya TsumTsum
    Sumaya TsumTsum 9 hours ago

    Gude-bootay idek I just thought of it from what Andrew said

  • Stanley Chen
    Stanley Chen 9 hours ago

    15:02 THE YOLK LOOKS SO BEAUTIFUL. Is that weird for me to say?

  • 畈當畈當涼
    畈當畈當涼 10 hours ago

    That white guy asks the most ridiculous questions

  • kamal rizal
    kamal rizal 15 hours ago

    Wow...dont know my country is egg lover

  • Ash
    Ash 17 hours ago

    adam is precious

  • Wassabi Chan
    Wassabi Chan 18 hours ago

    Omg I actually have the Gudatama Badge holder

  • LUKEH_ 01
    LUKEH_ 01 19 hours ago

    How does one get to do this for a job so lucky

  • Bree The Simly
    Bree The Simly 19 hours ago+1

    Fun chicken fact! It’s not that they don’t have taste buds but they don’t have the pain receptors that we have in the back of our throats to “taste” the spice. Since spice is more of a pain sensation versus a taste.

  • AniqRTH
    AniqRTH 19 hours ago

    Wtf my country eats alot of eggs?!!

  • Alannah Ho
    Alannah Ho 21 hours ago

    Bwhahahhaha at 8:06 you just see everyone crammed up and taking photos😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • WhatTheStuck
    WhatTheStuck yesterday

    いただきます ee-ta-da-ki-moss

  • Tiffany B
    Tiffany B yesterday

    I had to go back and watch the Kichi Kichi part 3 or 4 times. I LOVE his energy! This level of love and passion in cooking is so beautiful to see. It's true, food taste better when you are happy while cooking it. I want to travel to Japan so badly.. and now I know where i'm going for food. Thank you!