Bohemian Rhapsody's Gwilym Lee, Rami Malek, & Joe Mazzello | The View

  • Published on:  11/2/2018


  • Liz. Foley
    Liz. Foley 2 days ago+1

    I really dislike the lady’s who did interview 😤

  • Arthur Hastings
    Arthur Hastings 2 days ago

    The Jurassic Park kid becomes a bassist of a legendary band

  • Poppy Sinclair
    Poppy Sinclair 6 days ago

    At 6:21 you can see how uncomfortable he looks I just wanna hug him omg

  • Delinthefelon 3
    Delinthefelon 3 6 days ago

    Joy Behar is such a fucking buzz kill

  • lazycalm41
    lazycalm41 7 days ago

    I loved the film so much! Hard to believe that Joe Mazello was little Timmy in Jurassic Park!

  • Isla TM
    Isla TM 7 days ago

    She shouldn’t have brought his dad up...

  • N e o n G r a v e s t o n e s

    Joe looks so broken. Why did she say that

  • Fred Yeezy
    Fred Yeezy 8 days ago

    I can’t believe he was in the original Jurassic park😱😱😱

  • sabrinsky86
    sabrinsky86 8 days ago

    where is ben hardy in all of these 'band' interviews ? has he been left out on purpose ?

  • NicSun
    NicSun 8 days ago

    The View will always be trash

  • brickworldie
    brickworldie 8 days ago

    i thought she sayd and here is a scene from the movie with their song we will rock you

  • StylesismyTommo卌
    StylesismyTommo卌 9 days ago

    nO Joe baby please dont cryyyy ! uGh why did she have to come in, ruining the interview with something completely unrelated to the reason that the interview was taking place in general...

  • Shawnee Love HHD, PhD

    #GoHolistic As for one of the #HealingArts let's continue to #MakeMusicMedicine

  • Sarmistha Banerjee
    Sarmistha Banerjee 9 days ago

    He is not a Gay Icon, he is an Iconic musician!! Don’t politicize everything. We love his music and him for what he is.

  • LinYouToo
    LinYouToo 9 days ago

    Joe-what a gracious man. Humble and kind.

  • Diego Sanabria
    Diego Sanabria 9 days ago

    "Fredy is a hero for everyone" well done Rami.

  • sophia
    sophia 9 days ago

    Ok, I obviously have sympathy for the interviewer and joe because of their loss, but you can tell joe didn’t want to really talk about it because he probably wouldn’t want to start crying and stuff on tv, and it just happened so he will still be shaken up about it.

  • Mary Ann Wittkowske
    Mary Ann Wittkowske 10 days ago

    I love how Rami Malek is bobbing his head to the music as he's coming out, almost like a rock star would

  • evansspotter
    evansspotter 10 days ago

    bringing up the death of Joe's father was extremely inappropriate. I get that she's grieving but he's there to promote his film, not have traumatic memories of his father's health decline and eventual death be thrown at him on television.