Making a Ring that Subscribes you to PewDiePie & UnSubs T-Series using NFC

  • Published on:  1/5/2019
  • In this video, I make a ring out of a custom block of micarta that I made to look like PewDiePie's red and black swirl pattern that he uses frequently. I integrated an NFC chip into the ring and programmed it to subscribe you to PewDiePie and unsubscribe you from T-Series. This video was mostly for fun and to support the C.R.Y. charity, I hope you enjoy it!My Ring Website: Ring Supplies Website: Personal Instagram:


  • A L I C E 5 months ago

    Poppy Harlow is very proud. Now this is epic

  • HiyaImLexi 5 months ago

    I was just thinking through the whole video. "Hmmm, is that how he got his subscribers?"

  • Areoking Blastersword 5 months ago

    Gloria Borgar will be proud too

  • Jānis Zukulis 2 months ago

    Why isn't this a real merchandise?Everybody should wear this!

  • Nooblikeunicorn 5 days ago

    @Wolfie Star galaxy that's bull crap

  • Jānis Zukulis 5 days ago

    @Wolfie Star galaxy and because?...

  • Halu Tesfa 2 months ago

    Patrick: makes a a ring that subs to pewdiepieTechnology:am I a joke to you?

  • Crab rave: Yes you areSpAcE: Am i a joke to YOU?

  • Mago And monika 23 days ago

    *YeS u ArE*

  • Oak Bolan 2 months ago

    You have no idea how much I would pay for this

  • Vidar Berzelius 2 months ago

    Me:*How much for it?*Patrick Aidar Design:*Yes*

  • Mr Mcfish 1 months ago

    When people use r/whooosh with no value

  • Skyline Gacha 1 months ago

    As much as the amount of subscribers pewdiepie has

  • Zerodimension 5 months ago

    when youtube recommends a video that is actually good

  • LOVE Music 1 months ago

    Does not matter..😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Sunflower gurl 1 months ago

    Zerodimension yah ikr finally

  • Ayyxn 2 months ago

    Charles darwinAlbert EinsteinSteve jobsBill gatesElon muskPatrick Adair

  • SkeletalDestroyr 1 months ago


  • Roman 1 months ago

    Mark Rober

  • Marsida Bogdani 2 months ago

    Me : T-Series close your eyesT-Series: Ok Me:What do you seeT-Series: Nothing Me: That's you without Indians

  • Marsida Bogdani 6 days ago

    Meha Why are you hating so much? Gosh some people don't have any humour! This comment is just a JOKE! And I didn't create this account to get subscribers .I created it so I can like other videos and comment.And also you are talking about my 0 subscribers to flex on me huh? What about you? Are four subscribers a lot you say? You call me stupid? But you are the one who doesn't even know how to spell my name right when you can see it above or below the comment 😂 At least I have a life ! But you..? Pfft! ...

  • kayden nguyen 6 days ago

    Tanya Stamps he could be talking about all of the people in there

  • Ayyxn 2 months ago

    Einstein:I'm smartttThis man: HOLD MY BEER

  • veptix 1 months ago

    hold my brain*

  • AriFan XD 2 months ago

    imagine if he was like at 9:56 and he lost the ring... o the tragedy

  • lama band 2 days ago

    Why would he lose it