Top 10 Copy Cat Characters

  • Published on:  3/22/2015
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  • desiree love
    desiree love yesterday

    is it bad i'm still a marvel fan

  • DangerMan the Urban Superhero


  • Adam Mostafa
    Adam Mostafa 2 days ago

    hate the accent

  • YirmeyahuWeeps
    YirmeyahuWeeps 3 days ago


  • Alexmarr7224
    Alexmarr7224 7 days ago

    It's one million exploding suns

  • Zubin HV
    Zubin HV 8 days ago

    really thought Thanos and Darkseid would be here. or no?

  • Nora Villanueva
    Nora Villanueva 9 days ago

    DC makes characters
    Marvels make better plagiarized version of those characters.
    In terms of comic books, DC is better than Marvels, they just have mediocre movie adaptation. Whereas Marvels redefined its brand through great movie adaptation, thus resulting in its current success.

  • Jimmy Welch
    Jimmy Welch 10 days ago

    You still have a small dick. Your mom told me.

  • fay187proof wilson
    fay187proof wilson 10 days ago

    Maevel and DC need to do a movie together

  • Eric Siggins
    Eric Siggins 13 days ago

    Namor and aquaman are brothers

  • fortuneOVERfame
    fortuneOVERfame 13 days ago

    Marvel took their characters and made them better LONG LIVE MARVEL

  • Marquitta Bryant
    Marquitta Bryant 14 days ago

    Wow. I was never a comic reader & have always loved ALL things superhero film. But I had no idea Marvel was such thief. Sheesh I feel really guilty loving their movies more, tho, I fully enjoy DC's movies as well. #conflicted

  • Adrian Rocha
    Adrian Rocha 15 days ago

    You know the people saying that marvel always copies is stupid for some they admit they took inspiration from but others are some they thought and even when they do marvel tries to make them different when dc copies they make them very similar to the marvel character and dc isn’t original a lot of their characters they got in the 50s they took from other comic book companies so saying dc is original is bullshit and only stupid ass dc fanboys try find a way to bash marvel but marvel has always been better than dc

  • Steve O'Brien
    Steve O'Brien 15 days ago

    23:55 ....."and the power to wear a cape"

  • J. F. D. Smit
    J. F. D. Smit 16 days ago

    So many copies, yet none equals the original Superman.
    Marvel Comics,
    Marvel Copies

  • Allahmein Crews
    Allahmein Crews 17 days ago

    Marvel straight jacked D.C Comics!

  • Lumi Kare
    Lumi Kare 17 days ago

    My conclusion. Marvel thought DC idea was good but could be way better.

  • Hudson Emmett
    Hudson Emmett 17 days ago

    Some of these are copy cats but the X-men and Vision were not. The release dates were a few months apart, I'm not an expert but I would think that writing a story, doing all the artwork, and printing all the copies for release would take a little more than 3 months.

  • Francine Mo
    Francine Mo 17 days ago

    This why I love DC...not to speak ill of the dead But stan-lee is a rip off.

  • manwe sulimo
    manwe sulimo 19 days ago

    "Imperius Rex!" is still something i want to hear in a movie theater