Three Maxed Accounts Literally Try to Lure me On Vid

  • Published on:  1/21/2021
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    Join me as I go undercover as bait for these people scamming in runescape, and try to get some money out of their lure attempt. Thanks to PureSpam for lending me his account to anti-lure:
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    🔊 Music ♬:
    OSRS Remixed Music by OSRSBeatz
    Waste Another Lie - Wellmess
    Flute Salad - OSRS
    Can't Dampen My Spirit - Adriel Fair
    Now We Fight - Bonnie Grace
    Spooky - OSRS
    Chasing the Truth - Dream Cave
    Marty Gots a Plan - Kevin Macleod
    Expanse - Trap Remix by OSRSBeatz
    Emotion - OSRS
    Kool Kats - Kevin Macleod
    Dark Times - Etienne Roussel

    Introduction: (0:00)
    Banned Lurers: (2:03)
    Adventure of Carlos: (2:55)
    Maxed Accounts Lure: (4:44)