18 Places Google Earth Doesn't Want You to See

  • Published on:  2/9/2019
  • If you’ve never toyed around with Google Earth, whether for fun or strictly educational purposes, then you’ve been missing out! There are so many cool and bizarre things you can see from satellite images that you probably wouldn’t catch if you didn’t have a bird’s eye view. For example, you can see graffiti in a volcanic crater in Mexico, the world’s largest logo in Chile, a pond full of hippos in Tanzania, and even Batman’s secret hideout in Japan… Wait, what? You heard right! Watch the video for that and more!

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    Airplane graveyard in Tucson, Arizona 0:36
    Overgrown shipwreck in Sydney, Australia 1:13
    Island in a lake on an island in a lake, Northern Canada 1:47
    The Badlands Guardian in Alberta, Canada 2:09
    Osmington White Horse in Sutton Poyntz, UK 2:35
    Potash Ponds in Moab, Utah 2:57
    The Whampoa Boat-Shaped Shopping Center in Kowloon, Hong Kong 3:14
    A big friendly giant in the Atacama Desert, Chile 3:41
    Hippo pool in Tanzania 4:06
    The desert lips in Sudan 4:28
    The Batman symbol in Okinawa, Japan 4:49
    Otherworldly art in Egypt 5:08
    The Coca Cola logo in Chile 5:30
    The White Lion in Whipsnade, UK 6:06
    A giant target in Nevada 6:36
    The world’s biggest fingerprint in Sussex, UK 7:09
    The Mirny Mine in Siberia, Russia 7:34
    Graffiti in a volcanic crater, Mexico 8:06

    - Aircraft no longer in use just get sent to a special storage facility where they’re left until their parts can be salvaged or reused later on. And the airplane graveyard in Tucson, Arizona is by far the largest in the world.
    - Canada’s Victoria Island lies within a lake, and there’s a lake on Victoria Island with another island in it!
    - The Badlands Guardian in Alberta is not human-made. The head of the “Badlands Guardian” is a natural earth formation, or at least scientists say so.
    - The act of cutting white horses out of hills actually has its own specific name: leucippotomy.
    - The last thing you’d expect to see in the yellowish-red landscapes of Utah is a bright blue spot that instantly catches your eye. These are actually potash ponds, and they do look surreal, to say the least.
    - Looking at this place from above, you might start thinking what a giant tsunami it must’ve been to throw such a large ship so far ashore. Worry not, though, it’s just a shopping center in Hong Kong.
    - Chile and Peru are famous for their geoglyphs that date back more than a thousand years. Scientists believe it was a drawing of some deity of that time.
    - What looks like something you’d see in some alien conspiracy documentary is, in fact, just an art installation made in 1997.
    - Chilean Coca Cola marketing experts took 70,000 empty Coke bottles to write the company’s logo in the side of a hill. In fact, it’s part of a bigger trend called “mapvertising” where different companies do similar stuff.
    - There’d been many rumors about the origins and purpose of this huge concrete structure found in the Nevada desert. The most recent theory, though, suggests that there are several of such markings all over the US.
    - The Mirny mine is a one of the largest artificial holes in the world, made to dig out diamonds. Siberia is well-known for its diamond deposits, so it’s only natural that such a huge mine should be excavated here.
    - Google Earth shows every piece of graffiti in this crater in detail, which means you can actually see them all from a bird’s eye view.

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