EXTREME BEDROOM MAKEOVER / TRANSFORMATION + ROOM TOUR 2019! (Aesthetic + vsco inspired room decor)

  • Published on:  7/11/2019
  • EXTREME BEDROOM MAKEOVER / TRANSFORMATION + ROOM TOUR 2019! (Aesthetic + vsco inspired room decor)

    Hey guys! Sorry I was gone for two weeks! I was working on this video and it took a lot longer than expected ☹️ but I’m so incredibly happy with how this video turned out! I hope
    you guys enjoyed this 💓


    -My Comforter: Kohl’s and the brand is called “The Big One”
    -Throw Pillows: I’ve had them for a while so I can’t remember exactly where they are all from (they were in my college dorm room for a year haha) from what I can remember they are pretty much from homegoods and the peace sign hand one is from target
    -My Fluffy Bean Bag Chair: I won it at my school so not sure where you can buy these but the brand is “Big Joe”
    -Rug At 3:00: 5 below
    -Rug under my desk: 5 below
    -Macrame Wall Hang: 5 Below
    -Tall White Storage Cart Next to desk: Michael’s
    -Round Mirror: Bed, Bath, and Beyond
    -Desk Legs: Wayfair (but I’m pretty sure they don’t sell them anymore because I got them on a “closeout” sale)
    -Table Top: local furniture outlet
    -Picture Above My Bed: Hobby Lobby


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