How I became a victim of the Tesla system

  • Published on:  1/8/2019
  • Update on my missing Tesla model X. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse. It does. Also special guest appearance by Momma Rebuild

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  • John Baugh
    John Baugh  3 hours ago

    Are you effing kidding me? This is exactly why I drive a ten year old dodge truck. She's no beauty queen but I can get parts cheap, she starts every time, and I HATE corporate BS..... Tesla is the Apple of the automotive world.......

  • FossilFreeFamily
    FossilFreeFamily 5 hours ago

    Great video! Sorry, that the experience has been so crazy/ bad for you! We bought a new Model 3, but were considering buying a used S. I am happy we didn't buy used. Our buying and delivery experience had issues, but nothing like what you have been going through! Hang in there! Tesla's are great cars!

  • sultanofmultan2012
    sultanofmultan2012 7 hours ago

    You are a shill for the petroleum industry

  • andrew domenitz
    andrew domenitz 9 hours ago

    Wouldn't buy a Tesla if you paid me.

  • Marcus
    Marcus 10 hours ago

    At this point they have to be trolling him right? In my mind Elon has a smoke session with friends and watch videos like this cracking up while they hit the bong. I'm glad this all documented.

  • john beran
    john beran 17 hours ago

    WOW.... This is absolutely ridiculous a car company allows this to happen. Even with your ability to share your horrible experience on YouTube they can't figure out how to get you your car. A regular person buying a used Tesla must deal with 10X more stupidity. Tesla will not last if this is how they do business. customer service is just as important as the vehicle. Even though I like Tesla and would like to buy one I will not. I do not want to be a lab rat for Tesla as they try and change the traditional car buying experience that works well.
    I like to buy my car and take possession of it same day. I'm spoiled because I expect to bring my car into dealership for service and if it will take more than 1 hour being given a loaner car. Oh and all while dealing with people that know what they are doing.

  • biscuitninja
    biscuitninja 17 hours ago

    I've never had great feeling about Tesla... I go and see them in person so I have a person to take to court. Once you bring a person to court, all the BS stops.
    As an engineer, I know people who have worked for Tesla and to the person, every single one of them says, do not buy this product, do not trust the company and run away. Now mind you, this is over 10 years of people talking about this Corporation.

  • T S
    T S 17 hours ago

    That's painful and should not be happening. However, Tesla is a new company, which is going through a huge growth and a learning curve. I strongly believe in the direct sale model and even though I have experienced some problems with their system myself, I believe we should give Tesla time to sort it out. And, maybe providing such feedback is part of the process.
    I had bought or leased 8 cars from dealerships before (1 used, 7 new including 4 that's considered "luxury" car maker). Only 2 of these buying experiences were good, while the other 6 ranged from bad to terrible. While Tesla had problems on the logistical side, as in your case (although yours was worse), I was not purposefully cheated as to the equipment on the car, surprised by certain car or warranty or other conditions moments before signing, surprised by amounts showing that were not explained, having lemons pushed onto me and being lied as to their condition, getting a new car delivered without features I wanted and being told they can't do anything about - I don't want to deal with another dealer ever again if I can help it Tesla will fix this, as they fixed many other challenges in the past.
    Thank you for sharing.

  • VoidEyed
    VoidEyed 20 hours ago

    Savage mom! :D

  • VacuBlaster
    VacuBlaster yesterday

    Why do you bother, just buy a car dude

  • 1225KPH
    1225KPH yesterday

    Insurance Secured!

  • 1225KPH
    1225KPH yesterday

    What? What happened to Rich's balls? His kids must be adopted.

  • oxenforde
    oxenforde yesterday

    Dude. Please. Eat the $2,500 deposit. Tell them, "Never mind." Cancel the insurance.
    Walk away.

  • Michael Weibel
    Michael Weibel yesterday

    Never going to deal with this, never ever going to buy one

  • Dobemandan
    Dobemandan yesterday


  • Eric Muniz
    Eric Muniz yesterday

    I hope this can go viral for you and to also help others that deal with this type of behavior to paying customers.

  • Kris G
    Kris G yesterday

    These Tesla should easy make 1 million miles batterys that's where reliability is unknown

  • USMC MSgt
    USMC MSgt yesterday

    Sounds like you were catfish.

  • Apa Apsson
    Apa Apsson yesterday

    its sad that you have to make a youtube video, get alot of attention, before they even open thier eyes. think of all the others who don´t i bet they shit on those poor peoples.

  • tommy aronson
    tommy aronson yesterday

    This guy is the biggest telsa troll.