THE NUN (2018) Ending Explained + Conjuring Series Connections

  • Published on:  9/12/2018
  • On this Ending Explained, we're diving into the latest entry in The Conjuring franchise, THE NUN where the demon Valak gets her own spin-off. Learn all about the origins of Valak, explaining the films story and ending, as well as how it connects to the greater Conjuring series universe.

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  • ahot mage
    ahot mage an hour ago

    did you even watch the movie

  • Aisha Sufi
    Aisha Sufi 2 hours ago

    I was scared but my sisters was Just laughing I was like shot up so annoying

  • Dequan Williams
    Dequan Williams 17 hours ago

    This movie whack

  • Ivanka2024 for POTUS

    I miss this film.

  • Locus
    Locus  yesterday

    would have had to kick her ass.

  • Tee 357
    Tee 357 yesterday

    This movie was a snooze fest.

  • rabi chowdhury
    rabi chowdhury yesterday

    This guy didn’t get it.

  • Pete Artieda
    Pete Artieda 2 days ago

    I believe that the abbess was an entity created by Valak as a way to trap Sister Irene inside the castle because it wants her as the vessel. While all the nuns that Sister Irene interact with are in my opinion ghosts but according to the movie are elaborate visions she get. Also I don't think she gave up being a nun just because she's wearing her street clothes.

  • Lazarussoul 82
    Lazarussoul 82 2 days ago

    .........would be nice to see the nun vs Freddy......since mama Kruger was a nun herself......

  • Kitakomenome
    Kitakomenome 2 days ago

    FoundFlix should direct a movie

  • Golias 0012
    Golias 0012 2 days ago

    The nun is like "Just a prank, bro"

  • Kimball Belliston
    Kimball Belliston 2 days ago

    But why is the demon a nun?

  • Jamie Fitz
    Jamie Fitz 4 days ago

    What annoys me is how Valak can throw these characters around like a physical person, isn't she suppose to be a ghost?

  • orree31
    orree31 4 days ago

    The movie is scary thats that. No more is needed for a casual audience. The majority don't need a story just the scares. Haunted houses for example are just jump scares and everyone loves them.

  • We’re all Dank down here

    Lol gotta love the skits

  • whater nameis
    whater nameis 4 days ago

    Her nun clothes were probably dirty after all that & she had only brought a small suitcase🤷🏼‍♀️

  • Kelsey Desi
    Kelsey Desi 4 days ago

    I love your movie reviews they have been awesome to watch! Although i think there was a few things you missed with this movie. I am catholic and don't scare easy but this movie had a lot going for it i do wish however they worked a little more on the characters background story. But in the case of everything else it was done very well. I dont think valak had full control over sister Irene and the ghosts/spirits she encountered but rather her ability aloud her to interact with the spirits of the nuns who had passed while there trying to warn her and keep her from being possessed by Valak. Just my thoughts.

  • Necroface
    Necroface 5 days ago


  • ColourTong
    ColourTong 5 days ago

    Poor frenchi thats why you gotta let mf die sometimes

  • rachel hatch
    rachel hatch 5 days ago

    You got this one all wrong