• Published on:  12/3/2017
  • This is a summary of everything future discussed at the Singularity University summit 2017, Ted talks with Elon Musk 2017, World Government Summit 2017 and Peter Diamandis views on HOW ABUNDANCE WILL CHANGE THE WORLD as we know it.SUBSCRIBE HERE: university summit - Peter Diamandis)The demonetization of livingMaslows pyramid of needs are trending towards 0-costAbundance and nanotechnology (nanobots)Raw material cost + energy cost + Information = COST 3:47In the back of abundance 4:00Most people will have devices for free so that you can buy stuff from them and they can collect data 7:00Data is the new gold 7:30Free content 1b hours of free content pr day.8000X more energy hitting the surface of the planet than we consume, and the poorest have the most sun 8:00 solar roads 9:302.9 cents pr kWhGiga factory in Reno 10:00cars from 1904 to 1917 100% switch 11:00by 2025 car ownership will be dead: 12:20autonomy will demonetize housing 13:20house being 3d printed 14:26literacy to basic reading writing in 18 months 16:03demonetization of healthcare, deep learning protocols 17:00Watson diagnosed rare leukaemia 18:00Cost of genome sequencing Morse law 19:05Sequenced when born, stop what you will get sick from before people get sickSurgery 20:00Rapidly demonetizing trends everywhere 21:30Not scared of AI terminator 23:00Job loss 24:00Demonetize the cost of living, (education, entertainment, food etc)Psychological impact to losing job 24:30AI software shells 27:30 within ten yearsUBI Universal Basic Income Musk Building)10fold improvement in cost of digging pr. Mileno soundThe boring companyAutonomy brings more cars on the roadsEvery big car company has announced electric cars within 10 years 12:00By the end of 2017 self-driving coast to coast 15:00Free self-driving cars 19:30Self-driving trucks tesla semi out torc any diesel semi uphill 20:30Solar panels 22:00Most houses have enough roof area to power all the needs of the house 25:30Giga factory 100 27:00100 gWh pr week1 build announcing another 5 this year 29:00reusability rocket 33:00 Musk World Government Summit 2017)Multi planetary species is life insurance for life collectively 2:30Ten years from now full autonomy cars will only be build 8:30Elon building tunnel under Washington 14:203d building, 2d road network 16:0012-15% driving as a job 18:20over 2B vehicles in the world 19:00100M total new vehicle production cap 19:00life of car 20-25 years 19:00Prepare government for the future 20:00 AR regulation Transport 21:00 electric over 30-40 years Demand for electricity will increase rapidly. Total energy usage = 1/3 electricity 1/3 transport 1/3 heating over time that will predominantly be all electricity 21:30Universal basic income, no choice 22:50Fewer and fewer jobs that a robot cannot do betterThe output of goods and services will be extremely high with automation, so they will come abundance and come really cheap.The harder challenge is, how do people then have meaning?To some degree we are already a cyborg 25:21Reusable rockets, cost to fly close to plane 29:00Social Media:Twitter: gear:#1 Panasonic Lumix G series (G85/G81) Canon g7x mark II SJCAM 4000 regular iPhone camera huanqi 899b drone


  • Phil W 1 years ago

    I personally don't think people will abandon the concept of ownership, but I do think we will become a post scarcity society where everyone has all they need.Many science fiction books try to cover this topic, my favorite is Iain M Banks Culture series which is where Spacex got it's drone ship names (of course I still love you and just read the instructions) as well as his concept for the Neural Link brain-computer interface device the neurallace.I think the most important core principal to build in...

  • Walter Ramoshaba 27 days ago

    Ownership in a selfish sense will be abandoned, since it does not serve humanity.The spirit of greed and selfishness will be abolished as mankind finally learns the truth.Religion and any other system of darkenss will be abandoned by the people.They shall embrace a lifestyle of worship by serving the needs of humanity first.Automation and robotics will become the servants of humanity. The new monetary system will be introduced and the earth would be restored to its paradise like state.And this t...

  • Flash357 1 months ago

    Resources are limited. There will always be ownership, and the people will be in a different class. Super rich, and the rest of us.

  • Oz Ramos 1 years ago

    7:00 Chris Anderson to Elon Musk on the efficiency of the Gigafactory:Anderson: "I mean, is that sped up or...?"Musk: "That's the slowed down version."

  • irishguy13 3 months ago

    That was a slowed down version because they just couldn't figure out how to film it in a way that conveys the true speed? Can you say charlatan?

  • Darion D'Anjou 1 years ago

    that question was clearly a pre setup softball pitch. but it was still cool!

  • Inigo 1 years ago

    I think it's kinda messed up that people think that your job is the most important thing in your live. What about hobbies? You know.. Doing the thing you *really* love! Everyday. Without the need to worry about money. that to me sounds like paradise.

  • Nathan Griffioen 3 months ago

    @Owain I work at a bank. It sounds super boring and I know that a lot of people have negative perceptions of banks but being in the bank has shown me that not all are massive corporations trying to steal money. I enjoy my job so much because I am privileged enough to be able to hear peoples' dreams, needs and struggles and I get the chance to advise them and guide them towards it. It can be difficult but It is very rewarding.

  • bholdwick 4 months ago

    inigo is a millennial!

  • Finn K 1 years ago

    And just to be clear, the PROBLEM IS GREED, not capitalism. Soviet Communism? Failed because the ones at the top took too much money💰 for themselves. Abundance? Will fail because it will likely favor the rich, not the poor.AS LONG AS WE HAVE GREED, WE WILL FAIL TO BE ETHICAL/SUSTAINABLEPOWER IS NOTHING WITHOUT RESPONSIBILITY

  • Melvin 9 days ago

    The problem is at the very top of the economic pyramid are elites that thrive on corruption. The wicked suffice it to say have proven to be very adept at seducing the stupid into joining their fold

  • Walter Ramoshaba 27 days ago

    The rich are already in abundance now!And they don't enjoy it. Greed is a spirit of darkness and if people are nolonger dirty it will sink to the bottom where it came from.Whether Satan likes it or not, the plan will be carried out to the fore. There's something people don't get, it is not by power nor might but the word shall this things be accomplished.Many who are alive today shall live to witness it.

  • YorkshireD 1 years ago

    The elite will never agree to demonetisation. demonetisation equals the deletion of classes.

  • Chris Man 9 hours ago

    the dude he's one of them

  • Walter Ramoshaba 27 days ago

    It's not upto the "elite" the people who shall drive this change are people who are selfmade billionaires.Not those born into privilage. This process has already started.And no man can stop it no matter how rich in money he can be.Deletion of classes is bound to happen once humanity discovers who they really are and recognise their king among them.I tell you even the mountains will go and hide when the hour comes. Many of the greedy bastards will be arrested never to see the light of day...

  • Alex 1 years ago

    The majority of People hates their job. Something you hate shouldn't be the thing you identify through. And it is just a tragedy that we are forced to spend the majority of our time doing something we hate.

  • Angela Coughlin 14 days ago

    @Whizzz Forever That is a you problem not a free time problem. This is the same kind of argument my parents had pushed for years when I openly discussed how losing my free time by working full time deeply upset me. I do a ton with my free time and I love it. When I was in school and on breaks those were the best months of my life yet my parents couldn't believe that someone could find meaning without employment or someone telling me how to spend my time.

  • M Heisenberg a months ago

    This video is exactly why Andrew Yang needs to be elected President. All politicians on all sides of the elections always lie. Therefore the best investment is: Donate $20 to Andrew Yang’s campaign and if he wins everyone gets an extra $48k through 4 years. Not bad at all. The financially-ignorant claim it would bankrupt us. The country already has been bankrupt for decades in terms of the national debt.

  • Admon Dallo 1 years ago

    NO WORK!?!? I can't wait for the day!! Think about it, right now we labor 8 + hours a day to pay for mortgage / rent / food / entertainment. Sometimes there isn't enough time in the day to further ourselves because we are stuck in this loop. I can't wait for the day when robots take over jobs. The first thig I will do is re-enroll in school and learn EVERYTHING! If 7 billion people are studying instead of working, we have 7 billion more attempts at solving the world's hardest problems. This could poten...

  • The Devil's Advocate 3 months ago

    Some of those people will want a crust of bread. Who is going to do the plumbing and dig the graves

  • Lingo lu 4 months ago

    @Vulcan750L It is starting to make no sense we were working to live but now we dont need to live? be cause the robots live for us

  • independentCog 3 days ago

    Alvin Toffler also covered this in a sense in his book future shock.Had to do with a concept called culture shock but which is applied to the future dawning on people faster than they can process.Only candidate right now talking in this for the 2020 election is andrew yang. Get out there and vote!

  • ALBERT EINSTEIN 6 months ago

    "That's you're woman" stuck out amongst all that futuristic information. Lol.

  • Van Luu an hour ago

    The moment of truth will be when a roof produces more power than the house needs. The excess is contribute to the good of the neighborhood (Street lighting, etc.) . This turns urban sprawl into an energy source!