PUPPY PORG MELTDOWN! - Star Wars The Last Jedi (Super Cooper Sunday #123)

  • Published on:  12/10/2017
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  • Christy Evanko
    Christy Evanko 6 hours ago

    You're spoiled you took out my lungs I was watching episode I got a blister on my birthday

  • Cam&MaiMai TV
    Cam&MaiMai TV 3 days ago

    Love your house

  • Kaytlin Robertson
    Kaytlin Robertson 3 days ago

    ITS SO CUTE !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ryan Montgomery
    Ryan Montgomery 4 days ago

    Koda is so cute

  • Karoline Nilsedalen

    Can u adopt me plisss

  • lullylal
    lullylal 8 days ago

    Pls send a new swimming pool video

  • Brooklyn Govoni
    Brooklyn Govoni 8 days ago

    Hate this it whants me to whatch it

  • Mikey J
    Mikey J 11 days ago

    "Look bubbles are nice 12:18 cooper slaps Koda in the face with his tail

  • cupcake cool cream erty Holmes

    I love Coopey and Kona

  • Gamerboy2004
    Gamerboy2004 16 days ago

    Popsicles? We’re did you get them??

  • I like Planes
    I like Planes 20 days ago

    My sister: Why are they calling that penguin a porg?
    Me: *facepalm*

  • Thunder Pug
    Thunder Pug 23 days ago+1

    I love this vid

  • DinoHF79
    DinoHF79 24 days ago

    When my dog was around he would have been scared for a bit by the noisy Pork & then jumped on it & tore it apart! Loved the Ewok costume & Cooper chasing the bubbles was a panic! When I have my neighbor's dogs we do bubbles, it's hilarious. My granddaughter likes bubbles while she takes a bubble bath!

  • Thea Gabatan
    Thea Gabatan 24 days ago

    Porg:hi koda
    Koda:no thanks im scarede

  • Christmas Thefox
    Christmas Thefox 27 days ago


  • Pauline Vandevelde
    Pauline Vandevelde 28 days ago

    Can we have a mega koda monday?😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Abdullah TV
    Abdullah TV 28 days ago

    The porg is so cute

  • Cyrus
    Cyrus 1 months ago

    SO MOTHERFUCKING CUTE, he’s like my Black Lab

  • Felix Sheela
    Felix Sheela 1 months ago

    Cooper is super active.

  • chloe schumacher
    chloe schumacher 1 months ago