Forgery Experts Explain 5 Ways To Spot A Fake | WIRED



  • Prime Abayan 7 months ago

    *forgers furiously taking notes*

  • Valentin Bozhilov 4 days ago

    @SwiftVines That what a forger would say.

  • eddyk 6 months ago

    If you take a UV light to my bedsheets it looks like a Jackson Pollock.

  • Bob Brokate 14 days ago


  • TwanX Beats 17 days ago

    eddyk 😂😂😂😂😩

  • MickHornbak 6 months ago

    And this is bunch of squiggly lines... but's it's fake. Fake squiggly lines.

  • Arancil 5 days ago

    @TheThirdErnest Hundreds to a couple of thousands of dollars I understand. There is plenty to enjoy with abstract art, and it's not like it's completely random - there is a mix of control and chaos. But millions for it, that's just people paying for his name, not what's on the canvas. This is especially clear if a fake is good enough for people to be completely fooled by, yet holds little value when proven to be a fake. At that point you're clearly not interested in what you're actually seeing. This is...

  • mehe peyroux 9 days ago

    @Isomer Mashups lol me too

  • Frozen Thorn 6 months ago

    note to self, they can smell if you teabag a painting...

  • BoringPalace 22 hours ago

    Good one

  • Marlon Urriola 2 days ago

    Good one.

  • Fickle Me 3 months ago

    Now give them two real ones and tell them one is fake

  • gzerox2 13 days ago

    If they’re good enough detectives, they will ignore the statement that one is real or fake, and simply do the job.

  • 7,220,1531 views 15 days ago

    Give them both fakes but ask them to choose one which is fake

  • Wren Wren 6 months ago

    They should try making they're own fake, using all of the information of what makes a bad fake.

  • Then they should get other experts to evaluate it for authenticity & see if it passes

  • Emily Nguyen 3 months ago


  • aidan & co. 6 months ago

    sydney really messed up this time

  • Guy Montag 5 months ago

    Plot twist: the "fake" actually predates Pollock and Pollock stole the style of an obscure artist.

  • Britton Holdaway 1 months ago

    Subverted expectations!

  • nic tibbetts 2 months ago


  • twisted brain 6 months ago

    I’m hypnotized not only by the process but also how white his shirt is

  • aurtura pal! 19 days ago

    It like he's wearing a fabric made of the void

  • Robert R a months ago

    He looks like a waiter

  • Mohamed Ahmed 6 months ago

    Sydney: "This painting is a real Jackson Pollock" Forgery Experts: Pollocks!

  • Leopard Boas 13 days ago

    Nice one.

  • aurtura pal! 19 days ago

    Ba dum thshshshshshshshshhhshshshhsshshhhhhhhhh