#MAGAMealChallenge: Trump's Greatness Fuel - The Opposition w/ Jordan Klepper



  • Ryguy1450
    Ryguy1450 15 days ago

    Young Craig kilbourn looking

  • Ro G
    Ro G a months ago

    My arteries are constricting as I watch this....

  • David Schneider
    David Schneider 1 months ago

    i love how you can see that he is ACTUALLY struggeling

  • jay hathaway
    jay hathaway 1 months ago

    would this be considered irony? im vegan but hav just decided im heading right to mcdonalds in a minute

  • jay hathaway
    jay hathaway 1 months ago

    i lov u jordan

  • Samuel Kingsley
    Samuel Kingsley 1 months ago


  • Cynthia Drangus Lady
    Cynthia Drangus Lady 2 months ago

    You all laugh but guaranteed you eat garbage like that shit too, bovine breast milk, dead flesh and the hormones in it all... you're all loving it tho right?

  • donHooligan
    donHooligan 2 months ago

    Obese, lazy men in their 70s usually die of heart attacks.
    "we'll float on, Good News is on the way" --MM

  • Patricia MacLeod
    Patricia MacLeod 2 months ago

    USA is a colony of Israel. We don't have free education and healthcare, but Israel does. Why are we sending $10 million in tax money PER DAY to Israel?? And why in hell does ISRAEL have a military base in ALASKA???????

  • mountain boy
    mountain boy 2 months ago

    That was commitment.

  • Jaguar Rose
    Jaguar Rose 3 months ago

    Oh my God! I don't know how he made it through this sketch! 😂😂

  • Jessie Gabs
    Jessie Gabs 3 months ago

    Poor Jordan!

  • Aphiwe Thwala
    Aphiwe Thwala 3 months ago

    Tim Baltz <3

  • Michiro
    Michiro 3 months ago

    (BTW, I also love McDonald’s. Haven’t had it for years, but I think I wanna go get a Big Mac and a Fillett ‘O Fish. And a chocolate shake :D

  • Michiro
    Michiro 3 months ago

    Brilliant. That metaphor is absolutely brilliant. I hope the not so smart Americans get a glimpse and hopefully they get it

  • E C P
    E C P 3 months ago+1

    Never eating McD again in my life.

  • MrFantocan
    MrFantocan 3 months ago+2

    Learn to eat, Big Macs are delicious, just dont eat every day.
    I don't like Trump but you insulted a good hamburger.

  • emilywoohoo
    emilywoohoo 3 months ago+3

    poor jordan

  • Steven Abrian
    Steven Abrian 3 months ago+2

    Now I'm really curious if he finished the #MAGAMealChallenge

  • Rafael Rivera
    Rafael Rivera 3 months ago+1