How to Run a 1-2-1-1 "Diamond" Zone Press

  • Published on:  2/4/2020
  • This video will teach you how to run the 1-2-1-1 or "Diamond" Zone Press. This press is a great first press to teach young teams and is effective against teams who lack ball handling and/or passing strength.

    The name of this particular zone press gets it's name from the way players are set up in a 1-2-1-1 formation in the back court. People refer to this press as the "diamond" press because the first four defenders in the zone press form a diamond shape on the court. Diamond is also very easy to call out or signal with your hands from the sideline.

    This is typically the first and most common press that you'll run into with younger basketball teams. As such, it's likely that teams are prepared for this press as well. You can be too! Check out my video #23; How to Run a Zone Press Break.

    Coaches should and do change their defensive strategies to counter your defensive tactics during a game. Many times, an opposing coach will have a strategy to beat your zone press; in that case you should call off or be able to switch to a match-up or person-to-person press instead.

    Learn and keep this defensive strategy in your arsenal so you can force your opponent to change up their offensive tactics!

    This zone press strategy and is great for teaching youth, club teams, junior high, high school, and recreational teams.

    If you have recorded video of your team executing this play or any of the plays you've learned from my channel and would like for me to do a YouTube video review of your team executing the play, please email me at: