60 Days of CAA in 60 Videos: A Chronology of Protest in India | The Quint

  • Published on:  2/14/2020
  • Anti-CAA-NRC protests have gripped the country since the Modi-led government passed the Citizenship (Amendment) Act on 12 December 2019. 60 days hence, here's a chronology of how the protests have unfolded.

    0:30-Violence in assam
    1:09- Kanhaiya Kumar shouts 'Azaadi'
    1:25- Bhim Army Chief joins protests at Jama Masjid
    2:52- Priyanka Gandhi manhandled in Lucknow
    3:35- LGBTQI+ community joins anti-CAA protests
    4:55- CAA protest reaches Wankhade stadium
    5:30- Dilip Ghosh sparks controversy
    6:22- Rahul Gandhi speaks in Jaipur
    7:23- PM Modi visits Northeast

    Video: The Quint
    Music: BMG

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