I Tried the Keto Diet So You Don't Have To

  • Published on:  9/12/2018
  • No carbs and no sugar for a week. Does it work? Is it worth it?

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  • Gabbie Hanna
    Gabbie Hanna  8 days ago+10208

    for everyone commenting about the fat- i was eating 3-5x the daily recommended amount of fat every day. i was loading up on avocados, nuts, bacon, chicken thighs, and TONS of sunflower seed butter, everything cooked in butter, everything topped with olive oil. TRUST me. i was eating MORE FAT THAN I EVER WANNA EAT AGAIN IN MY LIFE, that was not the issue.

  • Tala Bima
    Tala Bima a minute ago

    Gabbie i love you and that’s why I’m gonna tell you that you completely did keto wrong you were practically starving yourself you needed more sodium and you especially needed more potassium please do not do any more of these a week of something videos without research because you won’t be educated about it therefore your gonna do it wrong

  • FromPrego2fit
    FromPrego2fit 3 minutes ago

    I wont try it. I need the crabs. I lift heavy and I'm ALWAYS Hungry as it is. I ear between 1800 and 2000 calories a day and the fat is melting off me.

  • Jack Mill
    Jack Mill 4 minutes ago

    Seriously someone that has 6 million viewers should really do better research! When you get older and And your family is affected by Alzheimer’s you might want to research KETO LIFESTYLE and do it the right way. I know you’re goal is to get views but you could be hurting a lot of people with this video that could actually save and do good for people’s lives. Just a suggestion🙄

  • Karlita Rene
    Karlita Rene 7 minutes ago

    bruh the amount of times she said she was starving was literally the whole video, just eat more dang it! ... also i wish she would get informed and redo the diet for a month not just for like 5 days...

  • Katie Kat
    Katie Kat 18 minutes ago

    My family started this diet in January 2018 and we are still on it! Basically every symptom of the diet I have had and I have even had to go to the ER multiple times for heart palutations, and IV fluid. Some of the other symptoms of the diet is kidney failure and I really want to get off of it. I am 17 so dieting in the first place is pretty bad for my developing body. And then being on this diet for so long I am barely functioning enough for school. I keep telling my dad that I want to get off the diet but he keeps saying not until I have my own car, money and groceries. So I am being forced to stay on this diet until I am at least 18. Which is over a year away. I shake constantly and I am always hungry and I can't sleep more than 3 hours a night because of this diet. I was 220 pounds in january and now I am 180 and because of the carb deficientcy and low energy, I can't excerise anymore, and I can't lose anymore weight. I haven't had fruit or my love watermelon or anything for more than 9 months. If anything I am just suffering and I can't wait to finally have something that has carbs. Also we are on the STRICTEST form of keto so we have maybe 20 GRAMS OF CARBS A DAY!!!!!!! I am sick right now with the keto flu and it is preventing me from going to school so someone please save me.

  • DenimAndLeather
    DenimAndLeather 25 minutes ago

    Please watch Rachel Aust for a much more educated and realistic approach to keto
    I can’t with this bish

  • Emma Tillery
    Emma Tillery 25 minutes ago

    Lol I’m legit doing a debate project in biology and my group is con keto diet😂

  • mmhmmyep
    mmhmmyep 26 minutes ago

    I started following your videos recently and have been enjoying them but this video is super disappointing.
    I think the fact that you didn't fully research before (or even after) your experiment but then still choose to throw out recommendations to not try this diet is very ill informed. No one is telling you you have to love this diet but I think you owe it to your viewers to at the very least study it a bit more before giving advice. You try to hide under the guise of this being your opinion and you not being a doctor but then proceed to tell people what (or what not to do). It's sad because you have a ton of viewers that are very influenced or easily swayed by your ill informed opinion that was not heavily researched nor was it accurately attempted. You're absolutely entitled to your opinion but I'm appalled that it's so strong but backed by little to no information. It would be the equivalent of you hating a person without getting to know them purely because of how they look or dress. It's your opinion, sure, but you've also not given them a chance by any means, have written them off, AND have told all your friends not to be friends with that person because you don't think they should. Pretty shitty if you ask me.
    For reference you should absolutely watch this response video not so that anyone can convince you to love the keto lifestyle, but rather, to see how/where you went wrong or what you could and should have done differently diet and posting wise.

  • Angel Casey
    Angel Casey 26 minutes ago


  • KayLee Tasker
    KayLee Tasker 41 minutes ago

    I am doing the Keto diet right now Im on week 1 and Ive lost 6 pounds my dad has lost 35

  • Farelaine
    Farelaine 49 minutes ago

    It's very clear that you didn't do any research in to the kinds of foods you can eat on keto. I don't do keto, but I at least looked it up, you need to pay attention to your macros, your calories, and you can't just go 'no carb', you're allowed some carbs. You also completely ignored fiber, those carbs basically don't count. Also, how can you see results after a day? Like two days? It's not a bad video, but I think it was just heavily biased. Like I said, not a bad video for entertainment, but as for educational? It doesn't even seem like you took the time to educate yourself so it definitely feels more like a novelty time waster.

  • The Portly Gamer
    The Portly Gamer 54 minutes ago

    this video is aggravating, and the fact that so many people may have this as their only resource for what the keto diet is, is really unfortunate. because its just so uninformed, so inaccurate, so wrong. so many people that could benefit from keto will watch this and have the wrong impression of what keto is and never try it now. please understand this is not at all meant to be a hurtful comment, but more of a critical one. if you read this, i highly suggest doing your research and trying it again, in all fairness to your now misinformed audience

  • Miranda Holloway
    Miranda Holloway 56 minutes ago

    This is a severe amount of misinformation. Wow. Maybe do it PROPERLY rather than bash a diet because you chose to starve yourself.

  • Primadonna Queen
    Primadonna Queen an hour ago

    So at the end, you saw results but you felt so shit that you couldn't even enjoy the results. I get it.

  • Ammar ASMR
    Ammar ASMR an hour ago


  • Rinie린이
    Rinie린이 an hour ago

    I don’t get why people are so pressed by this video. Even if she did it wrong, why be so bothered? It’s not like she hurt you did she? Or maybe you feel upset because this particular topic has to do with you? My point is, this is a YouTube video. Made for ENTERTAINMENT. She even stated that she probably messed up. Stop being petty bc you don’t want your precious diet being done incorrectly making it look bad. People probably do it right and still have this reaction. People have different reactions to things, grow up and realise just bc you like something doesn’t mean everyone else has to. If people are actually interested in this diet they could just look it up after hearing about it in this video, she’s not telling people to not try it.

  • flatlandbmxr
    flatlandbmxr an hour ago

    Sounds like to me you just went on a shitty diet and called it "Keto".
    This video is dangerous for people who may want to start Keto or just overall don't know what Keto is. Trust me, this girl doesn't know shit about Keto.
    Look up Dr.Berg or Keto Connect to find out the truth about Keto rather then someone who knows nothing.
    I don't get why shes so hungry all the time.... Eat food. It's so easy. On keto if you are hungry just eat. Sorry this girl is just dumb. Chicken thighs without skin? Why.... Cashews? Why....? You can EAT BLUEBERRIES on keto... ugh this video is upsetting.

  • Lisa Marie Macabre
    Lisa Marie Macabre an hour ago

    I agree with everyone else. If you're interested in doing keto, don't watch this. 😂😂

  • megansrp
    megansrp an hour ago

    May I present to you all: "How I made every beginner mistake on the keto diet"
    Please do the research before starting any diet/way of eating.