Pork Poop Tubes aka Chitterlings aka Chitlins - Why Would You Eat That?

  • Published on:  7/10/2015
  • Everyone says waste not, want not, but Chitterlings, more commonly known as “Chitlins” really show that theory in practice. These boiled pig intestines are hardly the most popular pork product of the century, but they’re representative of several centuries of loaded history. We sure hope culture is all these poop tubes are still loaded with!) Subscribe: http://goo.gl/Z7lbS

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    Chitterlings have a deep history rooted in American Slave culture. Pig intestines were hardly the choice cut of meat around plantations, so they often made their way to the slave table. They remain an important (yet controversial) cultural icon to this day. But how do they taste to the uninitiated?

    Have you had Chitlins? Are you a fan of their taste? Do they strike nostalgic chords in your psyche, or would you rather leave a pig’s waste transit system alone? Have you eaten other preparations of intestines, like Menudo, or natural sausage casing? What other wacky, unusual or little-known foods would you like to see us explore on the show?

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