The History of Warlock Pets - Succubus (Vanilla WoW to Legion)

  • Published on:  9/7/2017
  • The succubus warlock pet was the 13th most Dangerous NPC in vanilla wow. When blizzard use to announce random internal stats, they put a list of the 20 most dangerous npcs in the game, NPC's that have gotten the most killing blows over all the others, and since warlocks all use the same pets more or less, 3 of their pets showed up in this top 20 list. The warlock imp and felhunter made spots 19 and 20 respectively. With succubus beating them both out by a lot more at 13th place. The reason being is probably because Succubus were a more popular pvp pet and the stats where taken from player deaths. So the most used pet for pvp would obviously be the higher on the list.

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