A Comic I Made In The Third Grade

  • Published on:  9/15/2018
  • I used to make tons of comics back when i was little. Heres one I made in 3rd grade and even sold. Also.. Im sick!! :D

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    Songs used:
    Kevin Macleod


  • Lucha Gonzales
    Lucha Gonzales 3 months ago+1924

    Adam you are one fine piece of ass

  • Paige Gillen
    Paige Gillen 3 hours ago+1

    LOL IM SICK XD! If your watching in 2019 LIKE

  • C family
    C family 6 hours ago

    We need a fire boy movie

  • Winter Wolf
    Winter Wolf 19 hours ago

    Im in the third grade....and me and my bro (he's nineteen) we makeing a comic....I mite sell it on eBay off of my dad's accout

  • Jonathan Nix
    Jonathan Nix 20 hours ago

    Oh yeah? But can you do this?

  • Flying gaming Times
    Flying gaming Times 21 hours ago

    You look like a Demon and a angel ok

  • Cousin Adventures
    Cousin Adventures 21 hours ago

    That's a bad sickness TB

  • Matthew Newell
    Matthew Newell yesterday

    When in doubt touch the glowy crystal

  • FOOD FOR LIFE and memes

    Yay sickness thank you body you have failed me am sick too 😢

  • HyperSkitts Maybe

    Make your character like you use to animate it

  • Chloe Basile
    Chloe Basile 3 days ago

    0:00 Jacksepticeye got a darker voice wow

  • Sirad Aden
    Sirad Aden 3 days ago

    I also made those

  • Kai Kai Smith
    Kai Kai Smith 4 days ago

    Did he pass the pssa

  • Banana Waffles
    Banana Waffles 4 days ago

    0:15 ya ya suuuuuuuuure Adam your'e "sick" we all know you're high Adam

  • ShadowBonnieGaming
    ShadowBonnieGaming 4 days ago

    Feel better!

  • Dulce Maria Heredia

    what's your Instagram

  • Chasan Sultamatov
    Chasan Sultamatov 4 days ago

    when i was in 3rd grade i made one comic where a girl found a monster like the grinch but he was very friendly and she kept him in the closet and gave him secretly food and one day she revealed the monster and everything went ok. *_e N d_*

  • Just Burst
    Just Burst 4 days ago


  • John Blanka
    John Blanka 5 days ago

    I did a comic in third grade to🙂

  • Crystal Galaxy
    Crystal Galaxy 5 days ago

    Uh I'm here