• Published on:  9/17/2018
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  • Jensuah
    Jensuah 11 months ago+3365

    i know every vlog is 4:20 but they feel shorter and shorter each time

  • Evan Sturdivant
    Evan Sturdivant 2 months ago+1772

    Girl: rejects dom
    Dom: finds new girl
    Girls: get mad

  • Roseanne Park•
    Roseanne Park• 14 days ago+527

    Brooke houts is a disgusting person.

  • Heather Cannon
    Heather Cannon 9 months ago+4650

    Dom has kissed more guys than me

  • Luxanne van Wulf
    Luxanne van Wulf 4 months ago+1010

    Dom is a bisexual for sure! He's so chill! Or is it the weed?

  • 1ash1 56
    1ash1 56 11 months ago+6273

    David we are waiting for Vardan's revenge on Alex. WHERE IS THAT VLOG LOL

    DRIFT DIMENSIONS 10 months ago+1824

    The road rage & the dude wasn't even driving 😂😂😂💀

    TLK_LENNY 14 days ago+713

    Brooke is the girl who abused her dog I knew she looked familiar

  • Sync
    Sync 14 days ago+380

    brooke abuses dogs

  • Nayops 18
    Nayops 18 14 days ago+127

    Who would’ve thought that Brooke in the future would get hated in her channel for hitting and spitting at her dog....

  • Suketu Patel
    Suketu Patel 11 months ago+3499

    The old spider trick 👀

  • Iyanna Shell
    Iyanna Shell 10 months ago +1053

    "I wasn't even driving"

  • Bill Joe
    Bill Joe 4 months ago+95

    Dom really out here literally licking girls whole faces when he makes out lol

  • Jessica Padilla
    Jessica Padilla 7 days ago+75

    omg wait 3:00 “brooke” is the girl that abused her dog. i knew that face looked familiar 🙄

  • Daaniyah Brown
    Daaniyah Brown 6 months ago+258

    1:13 lmao i'm done. lmfao i literately diying 2019 anyone

  • Jobo Flores
    Jobo Flores 11 months ago+2152

    Still waiting for Vardan's revenge to alex...

  • Hafeez
    Hafeez 14 days ago+56

    Anyone else seen the video of the girl abusing her dog

  • Alef Nawabi
    Alef Nawabi 8 months ago+483


  • Mr.Bunny _Bear
    Mr.Bunny _Bear 2 months ago+170

    I love Dom so much and is lowkey but highkey gay Aesthetics

  • I.Bionicl
    I.Bionicl 14 days ago+19

    Oh she’s the one that beat her dog