Film Theory: Don't Trust The Banks! (Disney's Mary Poppins)



  • Fabio Costa
    Fabio Costa 9 hours ago

    Matpat, you forgot something. I heard that there were "Third Farthing" coins (Basically, 1/12 of a Penny/Pence) that existed until 1913. (3 years after the events of the movie) Wouldn't they have rounded it down to that?

  • Eltrio2
    Eltrio2 12 hours ago

    Wow. I thought MY government was a bunch of assholes but the thing with the war bonds? Yikes.

  • Summer and Conner Messer

    My brother read farthings as "fart things" and lost it for like five minutes.

  • minecraft peep
    minecraft peep 13 hours ago

    Once for a school play they had Mary Poppins and they cut about 50 to 75% of the movie to save time. So this was the first I even herd the rest of the plot

  • Jordan Strickland
    Jordan Strickland 19 hours ago

    Mr. Banks didn’t buy kite materials with the tuppence. He ended up giving it to the bank people and told them to guard it well. This comes up in the second movie and is present in the first as well.

  • CitingAnt
    CitingAnt yesterday

    Tea and crumpets=Trumpets

  • raymond ona
    raymond ona yesterday

    the irony here is the tuppence did payout well in the next movie

  • Logan S.
    Logan S. yesterday


  • MegaButt4
    MegaButt4 yesterday

    DO a theory about why the thanos snap took the people that it did

  • MegaButt4
    MegaButt4 yesterday


  • MegaButt4
    MegaButt4 yesterday

    Are you still affected by DHMIS

  • Jerry Swetlow
    Jerry Swetlow yesterday

    what if he exchanged his money for silver or gold and just kept that ?

  • SillySimoleon
    SillySimoleon yesterday

    I have a theory that Mary Poppins is actually drugging the children and that's why she gives them "medicine" so much and that's why they can "jump into paintings" and stuff

  • B Scott
    B Scott yesterday

    0:30 omg the brit method scam guy.

  • zachary whitttle
    zachary whitttle yesterday

    Omg my parents tell me I always used to pretend to be a chimney sweep when I was little.

  • CloudBear393
    CloudBear393 yesterday

    *Film Theory:* Teaching you World History, how economies work, and many other things through movies and tv shows.

  • silly kitten
    silly kitten 2 days ago

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  • Lumen
    Lumen 2 days ago

    Well, he must be sorely disappointed.

  • Malcolm Hunter
    Malcolm Hunter 2 days ago

    yes! catan! irl games ftw

  • Ben Krekel
    Ben Krekel 2 days ago

    But you got it wrong! Michael gave his tuppens to his father who gave it to Mr Dawes! :(