Not Super Safe...

  • Published on:  9/17/2018
  • Demo Ranch video explaining everything!!! your Airsoft here!!! help answer som FAQsMy main camera Drone I Use Hero5 Session Best Tripod you with a fresh daily episode every 3 days or so.........Music:


  • Ja Z
    Ja Z 11 months ago+863

    4:24 I touched her butt 🤣🤣😂😂

  • Mario Diankov
    Mario Diankov 11 months ago+287

    So great to see all 4 of Mere's kids play in the rain :D

  • Matt Venturella
    Matt Venturella 11 months ago+345

    4:24 “I touched her butt” 😂😂

  • Luis DeLeon
    Luis DeLeon 11 months ago+264

    I touched her butt😂😂

    R3DRUMURM0M 11 months ago+260

    "GO DOZER GO DOZER GO" Put it on a shirt!

  • Chris Helms
    Chris Helms 11 months ago+123

    My boys haven't played airsoft in 6 or 7 years........ and Im still finding those damn B Bs

  • The Bro Show
    The Bro Show 11 months ago+286

    You should test how bullet proof FLEX TAPE is!!!

  • Tim Bo
    Tim Bo 11 months ago+328

    4:26 get it Matt

  • Xodroid 123123
    Xodroid 123123 11 months ago+114

    I just wanted to say that you are awesome and both you and Mere make great parents, wish you luck with future videos 😊😊

  • Gabriel Archibald
    Gabriel Archibald 11 months ago+124

    Matt for president... let’s all face the facts he would turn this world around

  • Jay Malone
    Jay Malone 11 months ago+257

    Safe is overrated when it comes to Off The Ranch! lol

  • CptStankFanger
    CptStankFanger 11 months ago+77

    4:24 he touched the butt..

  • Thomas Hardacre
    Thomas Hardacre 11 months ago+30

    Why is the ultra 4 truck rolling still not In the outtro montage?

  • Steven Booth
    Steven Booth 11 months ago+63

    I hope those BB's are biodegradable. The next problem the chickens will have is 'BB belly'.

  • Phillip Bonner
    Phillip Bonner 11 months ago+58

    You are just so good with your kids

  • Jay Kavathia
    Jay Kavathia 11 months ago+52

    4:25 Matt's face, lol :) looks like a middle school kid touching a real life girl for the first time, lols :)))

  • Ha Lol
    Ha Lol 11 months ago+46

    Nah as long as there is Mere supervision it’s fine!

  • Michael Janes
    Michael Janes 11 months ago+13

    I seriously love you're kids they're so stinking cute. Link and annie are clearly the stinkers and your oldest, well shes basically a 3 foot tall mere hahaha

  • txpacket
    txpacket 11 months ago+11

    Matt...MATT!!! "We" know the camera isn't waterproof. "YOU" seem to have the issue with this topic. Not "US"! ;)

  • PaladinVII
    PaladinVII 11 months ago+17

    Those kids are having a great childhood!