Kevin Vs Mini Cupcakes - The Office US



  • Where’s the compilation we all want of Dwight screaming Michael

  • Gavin Trace 6 days ago

    @Wide Eyed Wanderer how many times does he yell?

  • C 1 months ago


  • A Nerd I Guess 1 months ago

    Ashton Kutcher makes valid points against mini cupcakes. I guess he's as equally smart as he is handsome.

  • Jack Sundell 1 months ago


  • Vishu Chaj Coocher*

  • Hammer Addiction4u 1 months ago

    god I miss this show.if only offices were like this in real life

  • Donkey Kong 11 days ago

    shooting Stars same!

  • Von George 12 days ago

    Mine is 🤣 we are laughing and joking each other all day

  • Anna C. 1 months ago

    *honestly, where does it end with you people?*

  • Nelo Playz 6 days ago

    I am the 800th like

  • Sanjay Matsuda 1 months ago

    It ends when the cakes reach the size of a typographic dot. Any smaller and they wouldn't be recognizable as cake to the naked eye.

  • Rxckless DxnieL 1 months ago

    We need a compilation of every time Kevin side glances the camera

  • Kenfei 1 months ago

    @A Ugly Blue Thing they did that

  • LeandrothekidRS 1 months ago

    I lost when Kevin started ranting about mini cupcakes 😂😂 "honestly, where does it end with you people!?"

  • Spencer56 15 days ago

    @A Reddy yea

  • A Reddy 1 months ago

    @Jacob Drain When I take a bite out of a normal sized one it becomes bite sized.

  • Kevin's insights on mini cupcakes are very interesting. Mini cupcakes are a MINI version of a cupcakes which are already a MINI version of cake! I mean, it is very unbelievable!

  • Paul939 1 months ago

    Exactly! WHERE DOES IT END


  • SlapStyle Anims 1 months ago

    ChillyChase's unboxings & reviews I read this comment right as he said that lmao

  • Sagar Roongta 1 months ago

    I agree with Kevin though... one day we will have thumb-sized cakes. smh

  • We actually have Cake Pops already. It's madness, they don't even taste good.There's no point in cakes that are smaller than a muffin, you might as well just have a donut, or better yet; just a nut.

  • Insolentish 1 months ago

    Check out the bullshit from "baked by melissa" in NYC. So popular. So stupid.

  • Quinn 1 months ago

    “So you know my job has something to do with sports but you don’t know the end of the word Philadelphia?”*I’m Dying😂*

  • Jim Halpert 1 months ago