Hot Rods Causing Havoc on City Streets: ‘It Can Be Dangerous’

  • Published on:  9/10/2018
  • Drivers are turning cities across the country into their own personal racetracks. Videos posted to YouTube show hot rods wreaking havoc. In one recent video from New York's Times Square, an officer was nearly run over when he tried to stop a car. In San Francisco, a clip showed three cars bringing traffic to a halt as they did doughnuts in the middle of the Bay Bridge. While police officers try to keep order, it's often a losing battle. But it may come as a surprise that much of this mayhem is actually organized.


  • uzi quantam
    uzi quantam 2 months ago+390

    I swear one of these days Lisa is gonna get jumped

  • Ashia_savannah
    Ashia_savannah 3 months ago+209

    Inside edition still be snitching🤣🤣

  • oh yeah yeah
    oh yeah yeah 5 months ago+319

    Lisa: you just blew out a tire
    Guy: it was beautiful
    Lisa: and was it worth it
    Guy: you damn straight

  • Hsn Mhd
    Hsn Mhd 5 months ago+489

    Stands in front of a car
    HE NEARLY HIT ME!!! :(

  • Nice Words
    Nice Words 5 months ago+592

    "This driver almost hit me and other spectators."
    You're in the road

  • Enociti
    Enociti 3 months ago+367

    Lisa: You just blew out a tire!
    Guy: aNd ITs bOOtiFul.
    Lisa: And was it worth it?
    Guy: yOu dAMn stRaIgHt BOI
    Edit: Thx for the likes!!!

  • Gnarly Demon
    Gnarly Demon 5 months ago+116

    This driver nearly hit me and other spectators (not even close to her) steps back into road

  • ACIC_ Psycho
    ACIC_ Psycho 5 months ago+247

    Inside edition you guys lowkey need to stop worrying about other people. Also it was lowkey cringy when u said when they were doing a smoke show it’s called a burn out lol.

  • R U N S T O R Y
    R U N S T O R Y 3 months ago+48

    Where’s my super car suspects fans at

  • IonCruiser YT
    IonCruiser YT 5 months ago+20

    He almost hit me!
    But she was in the middle of the road 🤦‍♂️

  • Finle Y
    Finle Y 2 months ago+18

    “You damn straight”😂😂😂 what a legend

  • Erik Cabrera
    Erik Cabrera 2 months ago+15

    0:27 Cop - GET THAT CAR!!!
    Bro why you runnin, he’s long gone, no ones gonna get the car lmao

  • 49x
    49x  5 months ago+34

    2:00 he wasn’t even close to you

  • Kcsneakerhead 22
    Kcsneakerhead 22 2 months ago+45

    It’s called having a good time.
    Plus it’s better than doing crack so🤷🏿‍♂️🖕🏿

  • Savagery
    Savagery 3 months ago+18

    “Look what we found, some drivers were women”
    What makes that worse?
    What makes them more important than if a man was in that car?

  • XxGalaxystrikexX The Dank Memer

    Shut up Prius drivers that want to “save the planet” 😂

  • Finle Y
    Finle Y 2 months ago+12

    stands in middle of road
    This driver nearly hit me

  • sweiland75
    sweiland75 4 months ago+12

    "Some drivers were women."
    What were you implying?

  • Read More
    Read More 3 months ago+16

    So basically forza horizon in real life

  • Abraham Rodriguez
    Abraham Rodriguez 2 months ago+10

    NO TICKETS IN MIAMI OR PHILADELPHIA, well looks like I am moving
    I was Kidding